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Attic Renovations & Construction in Ottawa

Attic renovations can be some of the most interesting and challenging, and our team is always ready to handle a new challenge. You can do so much with an attic, after all. We’ve converted them into storage space, offices, playrooms and so much more. It’s not much harder for us to install a new attic into a home that doesn’t already have one.

Our team has been handling renovations for many years now, and we’re ready to help you make the most out your attic renovation. We will assist you from the very beginning. It all starts with our talented design team who will help you to understand and be aware of all the great options that are out there and available for you. That design work is followed up by our experienced construction team who brings everything to life.

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A ‘Custom Construction’ Company

What kind of attic do you want to build? It doesn’t matter, our team can handle it. We can design, plan, install or build all of the features you want to make your attic the best it can be. We’re frequently asked to install features like shelving, cabinets and other storage options. Of course, we can also handle attic lighting, new windows and whatever else belongs in your new attic renovation.

The Best in Attic Design

You probably never imagined it was going to be this easy to design an attic. One of the benefits of choosing OGC is that you have access to our design team and centre. Our design team uses 3D renders to show you realistic interpretations of how your ideas would look in real life before we even start to build it. You don’t have to commit to a build until you find a look that really thrills you. Our design centre is a great gallery filled with tons of samples for you to look at and touch.

A Responsive Team of Home Builders

When it’s time for work to begin, we’ll pick the finest professionals to be on our construction team. Our work is done to the highest standards, and a powerful warranty protects you from any possible mishaps. We also avoid misunderstandings by maintaining open lines of communication throughout the entire process. We’re always here when you have questions that need to be answered.

Ready to Get Started Now?

You don’t have to wait any longer to start talking to someone about your attic renovation. We can help you even if you’ve got nothing but a few scattered ideas. It’s also our pleasure to help you work out what you need from your attic if you have no ideas at all. We’ll use our experience with home design to introduce you to features that are currently used by other homeowners. No matter what your family needs are, we can create an attic that matches them.

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