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Elite Design Provided by Our Ottawa Home Builders

Home design comes before planning and building, and we can help you develop a design that makes you excited to take the next step. The team here at OGC LTD has the experience to produce the designs you want, the resources to help you understand the options that are available, and the expertise to turn all of your ideas into design plans and real homes.

Whether you want to get a feel for home materials at our design centre, or just take advantage of a free consultation from one of our design experts, we’re here for you. Call to get help from our design team, today.

Floors Plan Built for Your Needs

A well-considered floor plan is an essential part of a great home design. The needs of your family can either be matched or limited by the floor plan, so it’s something to take seriously from the very beginning. We can help you make the right decisions based on the size of your family, which rooms are used the most, and other factors homeowners often overlook. Our mission is to make your home a place that meets the unique needs of you and your family from the start.

See It First with 3D Renders

Have you ever wished you could see your home completed without losing the chance to change your mind? You can do that at OGC through our 3D rendering service. Our design experts will draft 3D renders of your prospective renovation and all the features you want. You’ll be able to take a virtual tour of your home, and it will even feature the textures and materials you want to use. You’ll know that you’re building the right home before you begin.

Interior Design for the Right Look

Interior design is nearly always better when it has been planned at the same time as the rest of the home. A custom exterior is great, but rarely does it contribute to your daily life and general mood and lifestyle as often as a custom interior does. Take advantage of our design process to craft an interior that meets the needs of you or your family, and we can help. We’ve been handling interior design for as long as we’ve been building homes, and we have the expertise to make your home’s interior everything you need it to be.

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