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Interior Design from the Experts in Ottawa

Finally make your home your own with a renovation to overhaul your interior design. Our talented design team will work on any room to bring a new and perfect look to the inside of your home. Ask today about renovations for your living room, bathroom, kitchen, basement or attic. There are almost no limits as to what we can do to make your home the place you’ve always imagined and knew it could be.

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Interior Design for Every Room and Style

The inside of your home is where you’ll be spending most of your time, so why shouldn’t it be a place that invigorates you? We know that there are just as many styles out there as there are people, but we take pride in our ability to pull off even the most complex custom designs. When you choose OGC LTD, you get complete customization, high-quality work, and support from conception to completion.

We have designs and ideas for every room in your home. Your neighbours around Ottawa have invited us in for common projects like bathroom and kitchen renovations, along with more complex projects like basement home theaters and other interesting choices. We deliver perfectly personalized designs using the highest quality materials.

Perfectly Personalized Interior Design

Your interior design can be just as personal as you want it to be. If you have your own ideas ready, you can trust our team to do everything possible to make them work in your home. If you’d like some help getting to the next step, that’s fine too. You’ll have a chance to work with our designers from the very beginning.

Ask us about how we can put elements like these together for amazing interior designs:







Our designers can help you turn all of your loose ideas into a cohesive design. Before we even lift a hammer, we offer many services to help you choose from all the amazing options and styles that are out there. We’ll help you research all the styles that match what you’re working toward, and show you 3D renderings of how the work will look when it’s completed.

The Highest Quality Interior Renovations

When you choose OGC LTD, you can trust that you’re getting the area’s best design expertise, but that’s not all we’re known for. Thanks to our standards, we’re also known for building some of the most high-quality renovations in the capital region.

Our dedication to quality starts with our materials. We use only the best, because we want you to have a renovation that stands the test of time. Fortunately, we can still deliver these materials at affordable rates since we maintain long and close relationships with the suppliers and manufacturers we trust.

We’d love to show you what we can do for your interior design. Call today to find out how we can help.

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