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Loft Conversions

For some of us, an attic store room simply isn’t as useful as it could be. Instead of letting the space go to waste, transform it into a luxurious bedroom suite, private office, or playroom for the kids. The possibilities are endless, and we’re here to help you realize whichever is best for you. We will help you convert your unused attic into a practical and beautiful upper level area that adds to the spaciousness and utility of your home.

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Ottawa Loft Conversions

While your home’s supply of space may have seemed adequate at the time you moved in, it might feel a bit cramped now that time has passed. If you are looking for a way to add more space to your home’s interior without sacrificing the limited area of your backyard, a loft conversion could be the ideal option. If you have an unused attic that provides enough room for standing, you have the possibility of installing a whole new, functional level to your home. One of our specialty services is that of converting lofts into finished rooms of all types, meaning that we can help you not only with the planning, but with the construction as well.

If you’re still unsure of how you want to use your loft space, we are able to give you a consultation based on your lifestyle and needs. Depending on what’s lacking in your household, suggestions can range from extra bedrooms, bathrooms, work studios, playrooms, and more. Once construction is ready to begin, our team is capable of installing skylights, proper insulation, wall and ceiling paneling, emergency exits, and even special needs access. Use our exclusive design center to develop the ideal look for the area. The result will be a brand new level that is comfortable for us in your daily routine.

Maximize your space.

Loft conversions are prime space-saving solutions for homes that are in urban or semi-urban areas. Since such homes have little ground-level property to build upon, a loft conversion maximizes the amount of usable space inside the home as it stands. Our contractors will give you planning tips and use construction methods that further stretches the space of your newly renovated loft itself, giving your city abode as much interior room as possible.

Built around your needs.

The great thing about loft conversions is that they can become almost any type of area you want. Once you’ve decided upon the type room or rooms that will occupy your new loft level, our expert team will be able to help you arrange these rooms and their fixtures to efficiently fit with the lower levels of your home. This means aligning electrical wiring, plumbing, internet and television cables, and even strategic building upon structural supports.

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