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Visiting This Website

This website should only be visited if you are a home owner in the Ottawa, Ontario region and are looking for help in renovating your home. This includes renovations and builds of all types of projects and sizes. By visiting this website you are agreeing to this policy.

Privacy Policy

Before you read through this, it is important to know that even phrased in the simplest of words, there are some terms and aspects of online websites and services which you should be familiar with in order to fully understand our Privacy Policy. Terms like IP address, cookies, browsers, and related terms are things you should get familiar with. If you are new to our online website or even if you are returning, we recommend you take some time to read through our Privacy Policy.

Google Adwords

This website uses the Google Ads services to advertise on third party websites (including Google) to new and returning visitors to our site. AdWords Remarketing is a Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting service provided by Google. It connects the activity of with the Adwords advertising network and the Doubleclick Cookie. You can use tools like the one provided by Google to opt out of the cookie and other tracking here:

Storing personal information

When you visit our website or request a quote, the information you fill out should be your direct personal information. Your name, email address, telephone numbers, and other such personal information is stored in our database so we can contact you and better understand how and if we can provide a service to you. If at any time you decide you would no longer like to receive emails, promotions, or email-exclusive deals, you can simply unsubscribe by following the instructions within the email itself.

This is done to ensure a couple of things:

Serving you better:

With the information that you provide, OGC LTD is able to get a better understanding of the way ‘you’ use our services. When you visit a website that uses the same advertising services as, or if you interact with the content within our website, we are able to tailor our services to fit your needs directly.

Return Users:

We understand that life is not a constant; things come up which may cause you to stop using our services. As a result, we find that it is most convenient to save your information for when you decide to come back. If you choose not to, you can opt-out following the instructions laid out in this policy.

Flowing Information:

We feel it is important that our users get the best out of our services, and so by using the information provided, OGC LTD is able to inform users of changes in service, deals and discounts, and special offers within the categories linked to their use of the services. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make a rational and informed decision on the services you have requested for.


Consent: If we share any personal information with companies, individuals, or organizations which are not associated with, we will only do so with your prior consent.

Legal Obligations: If we have reasonable belief that the information we have is necessary in order to:

  1. Enforce any and all applicable terms and agreements, including violation of said terms.
  2. Protect all rights, property, information, or enforce any safety provisions made to protect or the users or the public as is required or permitted by law.
  3. Meet any applicable laws, regulations, enforceable governmental requests, or any other relevant legal processes.


Internet cookies are little bits of text which go between the web browser and the website it is trying to access. Websites use the cookies to create an identity around the person accessing the site; without cookies, they would not be able to distinguish one user from another, or be able to pass information from one webpage to another during a single web-session.

How we use cookies

This is useful to websites, because it allows them to better personalize what content they show to tailor directly to your preferences! Additionally, the data the web servers collect is nothing personal; it cannot identify people, so instead it creates an identity by combining your browser, user account, and computer.

For OGC LTD, the cookies we collect will be used primarily for advertising; by collecting information about web pages you have recently browsed, we can choose specific advertisements which may be of interest to you. So when you’re looking for a home renovation, you won’t see ads trying to sell you on car insurance!


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If you are unsure about this policy, have questions or would like help with opting-out you can contact, call the phone number on the website or visit us at 1886 Merivale Rd #200, Nepean, ON K2G 1E6

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