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We Are Multifamily Development Experts In Ottawa

As leading multifamily development experts in Ottawa, we excel in creating profitable, innovative, sustainable, and community-focused multifamily development solutions. Our deep understanding of the local market, coupled with our commitment to quality and efficiency, sets us apart. We prioritize profitable practices and cutting-edge designs and builds to enhance the project experience for our customers. Our track record of successful projects underscores our dedication to shaping Ottawa's multifamily landscape. Reach out to us today for a free quote and evaluaton.

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We are a full service team of
Architectural designers, engineers, managers and builders.

Learn more about our full A to Z services and get to know our team of experts. We take pride in our ability to pull off even the most complex custom multifamily projects. When you choose OGC LTD, you get complete customization, high-quality work, and support from conception to completion.

We provide the full A to Z turnkey solution - learn about the steps involved here

What makes us different? We handle it all while ensuring your project is profitable
- acquiring properties
- due diligence
- raising financing
- architectural design
- material selection
- project management
- to final construction
- industry leading warranty

Step 1: Acquire Property

Step 2: Feasibility study with OGC
- pro forma
- building code and zoning review
- site plan and building volume plot plan

Step 3: Planning Package
- concept plans and elevations
- pro forma for lending pre-approval
- Class C estimate scope of work

Step 4: Building Permit Package
- architectural work and consultant coordination
- structural engineering
- MEP (mechanical electrical plumbing)
- Class B estimate

Step 5: Submit for building permit and approvals
- Class A estimate

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When you choose OGC LTD, you can trust that you’re getting Ottawa's best design and build expertise, but that’s not all we’re known for. Thanks to our standards, we’re also known for building some of the most high-quality custom homes, multifamily projects and home renovations in the capital region.

Our dedication to quality starts with our design and panning.

We’d love to show you what we can do for your interior design. Call today to find out how we can help.

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