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Learn this new strategy to build generational wealth with Real Estate in Ottawa

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Bill 23

Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022, proposes extensive changes to a number of Acts and regulations across Ontario. These changes have been broken into categories such as, housing, financial implications, parkland, heritage and sustainability.

At OGC, we are leading the way for homeowners to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in Ottawa and the different ways you can build wealth by converting 1 unit into 3 and developing multi-unit properties for multiple income streams. Join the free webinar below to learn more.

New Housing Laws:
Convert 1 Home Into 3 Units

Bill 23 has changed several important areas of land use planning. Rules around the number units per lot, their minimum size and the role of Site Plan in design have been significantly impacted.

  • The Provincial legislation now allows up to 3 units “gentle intensification” on any lot in all urban-serviced parts of the city.

  • The City of Ottawa will no longer be able to regulate a minimum size of such units.

  • There can’t be a requirement for more than one parking space per unit.

Site Plan Control
  • If a building has 10 units or less, it is exempt from Site Plan Control.

  • Site Plan no longer has oversight on the design of exterior of buildings. For example, what materials are used on the outside of a building.

  • Landscaping features in the right-of-way are not included in Site Plan unless they touch on heath, safety and accessibility.

Other Zoning Changes
  • The City will need to get all zoning by-laws completed within one year when creating a Protected Major Transit Station (PMTS).

  • Inclusionary Zoning is allowed in PMTS areas, but now there is a cap of a maximum of 5% of IZ units in the PMTS. The maximum term for IZ units will be 25 years.

Build Generational Wealth

  • Exempting the 3 unit “gentle intensification” from Development Charges (DC) means more homes, built faster.

  • Exempting affordable, attainable and inclusionary zoning units from DCs means more opportunity.

  • Requiring a discount on development charges for purpose-built rentals, and a greater discount for larger units means more flexibility.

  • Removing cost of studies from development charges means lower costs.

Learn this new strategy to build generational wealth with Real Estate in Ottawa

Ottawa's New Official Plan

  • The height limit on “minor corridors” has been increased from 4 storeys to 6.

  • Hundreds of acres of land have been added to the urban boundary to make room for building new subdivisions.

  • What does this mean for you?

    a) New greenfields and environmentally sensitive lands will be open to new suburban developments.
    b) Much greater intensification within the urban boundary.
    c) Development proposals will be fast-tracked without regard to their design or the impact to households already in affordable housing.
    d) Revenues that would normally accrue to the city to build things will be significantly reduced.
    e) There will be less municipal oversight and community influence over developments, and the statutory basis to force those to be more sustainable will be gone.

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