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Basement Renovations by Ottawa’s Leading Contractors

Is your basement everything you need it to be? If you already have enough storage for your needs, a basement can start to feel like a room without a purpose. It can be so much more than a place for old boxes, and the design experts here at OGC LTD would love to show you how.

We can turn your basement into a space that actually meets your needs or the needs of your family. That could mean installing a variety of new features, or just giving it a facelift so it isn’t so dreary. From game rooms to home theatres or gyms, there are no limits as to how useful your basement can be.

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Making the Most of Your Basement Remodel

The basement can be easy to overlook when you’re trying to figure out what you want from your home. You may have identified needs that call for a home addition when the space you need for what you want is already available in your basement. You may be skeptical that your basement could be turned into a place where you want to spend some time, but just look at some of the renovations we’ve completed in the images above.

Your basement can easily be turned into a stunning space that’s perfect for any use. We can start by improving the air and temperature quality through a series of upgrades to the ventilation, insulation and lighting. That can be followed up with more entertainment-oriented renovations like home theatre nooks or kitchenettes and bars.

Basement Remodeling for Every Budget

The needs of individuals and families can change dramatically over a short period of time. If you have kids in particular, it helps to have a space they can hang out with each other and their friends as they start getting older. In the same way, people without children may just want a room that practices a different style than the rest of the home. Basements are excellent places to experiment with home offices, bars or art and yoga studios.

The Basement Renovation Team to Trust

Basement renovations can be more complicated than some kinds of home updates, but they’re still no challenge for our experienced team. We guide you through the design and planning, and when it comes time to build, we also handle all the necessary permits and ensure that all our work adheres to the Ontario Building Codes. Rest assured we will also deal with any other concerns that can come up during a basement renovation.

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