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Our Ottawa Price Match Guarantee

Our Motivation

The renovation industry can be hard to navigate. Homeowners like you may feel intimidated or unsure about proceeding with a renovation, which is easy to understand. Renovations are a big investment and undertaking, and the end results can profoundly impact a home’s livability. It doesn’t help when independent contractors, working out of their trucks, tarnish the industry’s reputation with unreliable and unethical business practices.


By offering our Price Match Guarantee, we aim to help homeowners like you take the guesswork out of starting your project. We’ve built up a name for ourselves based on trustworthiness, excellent references, and high quality work that speaks for itself. When you choose OGC LTD, you can benefit from competitive deals while enjoying peace of mind about the quality of your renovation.
Because we’re committed to value, we already offer the best prices in town. But in the event that another contractor outbids us on an identical renovation, we won’t hesitate to match the price.

How It Works

Our Price Match Guarantee is not a promise of a lower price no matter what. Rather, it is a promise to offer the lowest price possible for the same quality, materials, and services specified in your requested renovation.

To honour our Price Match Guarantee, we will need a full outline of your project details and an itemized quote from the competitor. Our professionals will then objectively assess the requirements of your renovation, what is offered by the competitor, and what we can offer. We’ll show you how their services compare to ours, pointing out any missing services or cut corners.


Some competitor don’t have the qualification level of OGC, materials of matching quality, or work processes that meet our professional standards. In this event, we’ll quote you our lowest possible price for a renovation that meets all of your specifications. In the event that a competitor does meet the same standards of OGC and is able to offer a renovation of identical quality, we will happily provide you with a price match.

The OGC LTD Best Price Guarantee applies only to quotes from professional, accredited competitors. They must be members of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (GOHBA) and recognized RenoMark™ Renovators. This gives you the security of knowing that we are comparing our prices to competitors who are in the same league.

The Quality of OGC

Here’s a little known secret: many other contractors can give low quotes because they base them on low quality materials and appliances. Then when mid-to-high range materials are requested, they tack on inflated fees. This is an unethical practice, and something that OGC never participates in.

We’re able to secure low prices for our customers thanks to our excellent industry connections and outstanding relationships with trusted suppliers. Every renovation project we tackle comes with a detailed outline of materials and costs, all so that our customers can have a clear view of what they’re spending.


Our fixed price billing prevents any surprises, and you’ll never find hidden fees on our invoices. Throughout the renovation process you’ll be kept up to date on all expenses and happenings. Before we even begin, you’ll get a detailed project quote that will allow you to compare our offerings to those of our competitors.

Terms & Conditions

It is not permitted to combine the OGC LTD Price Match Guarantee with any other promotions or special deals. Damaged, discontinued, showroom, or second hand materials may not be used in Price Match projects. OGC may alter the Price Match Guarantee at any time. OGC may also freely discontinue its availability at any time. In both circumstances, OGC may apply these changes and revocations to any person, without prior no

In order for a quote to be eligible for our Price Match Guarantee, it must meet the following requirements:
• Quoted renovation project must be identical: the same quality, services, material standards, scope, and deadlines as what is proposed to OGC.
• Competitors must be members of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (GOHBA) and are a recognized RenoMark™ Renovators.
• The requested price match must be for the total quote, not for the price of each item and service listed within the quote.
OGC may revoke the Price Match Guarantee in the following circumstances:
• Required information is withheld or the full scope of the renovation is not disclosed.
• Competitor’s quote does not provide all details of the project and its costs.
• Competitor’s cannot be verified by OGC LTD, and/or there is reasonable cause to believe that the quote is forged.
• Material, service, and design specifications by competitor are proven to be of lower quality than our quote.

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