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Home Additions

Duplex & Triplex Construction in Ottawa

Choose OGC LTD to handle the construction of your duplex or triplex in Ottawa. Our team has been handling home construction for years, and we understand all of the special challenges that go into building duplexes and other properties that are designed to be used by multiple families. Call today for a free estimate, and to learn more about what we can bring to your project.

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Duplexes & Triplexes:
A Smart Choice for Rentals and Families

If you’re interested in constructing a duplex or a triplex as a rental property, you’re making a wise choice. Homes like these can share expensive elements like foundations, walls and driveways. You can enjoy the advantage of relatively lower building costs while still creating enough space for multiple renters. We frequently work with commercial clients on projects like in-fill homes, so we understand the unique needs of clients who intend to rent out the homes we build.Not that renting is a necessity. Duplexes and similar arrangements are a great option when you’re welcoming back family members and need something larger than an in-law suite. Giving both units full access to their own private space and utilities ensures that the process is convenient, comfortable and dignified for everyone.

The Right Team

These are just some of the reasons local individuals and companies choose OGC LTD

Complete Design Support

Whether it’s a dental office, a new interior outfit, a shared collaboration space or a brand new commercial building, our proven 3-step Design, Plan & Build process has been strength-tested through countless projects to ensure high quality work in a timely manner with great communication every step of the way.

Professional Management and Labor

It’s not hard for us to keep the budget and timeline under control, because each of our projects are carefully managed from start to finish. Our thoughtful process avoids all the problems that are typically involved in contractor horror stories, like missed details and a lack of organization. Additionally, the builders and specialists who handle your duplex construction will be hand-picked by our managers to ensure that only the best are working on your home.

Powerful Warranties

Whether your duplex will be your own home, or one for renters, you want it to be one that lasts. We use the finest building materials and practices to ensure that you are left with a sturdy structure that can be enjoyed for generations to come. Our quality work is backed by a warranty that covers everything important for years to come.

And Price Matching!

You might assume a team with our standards is among the areas most expensive, but we’ve worked hard to keep our prices in the reach of even the most budget-conscious client. We do that by forming close relationships with our best suppliers so that the high-quality materials we use can be sourced affordably. We also match any estimate for the same materials and quality of work. Call today with an estimate, and we’ll tell you how we can help.

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