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Home Additions

Garage Building,
Additions and Conversions in Ottawa

Call OGC LTD in to handle all your garage work. Our experts can provide you with the best advice whether you want a new garage or want to convert an existing garage into living space to rent out under the new Bill 23 laws.

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Garage Conversion Into Living Space

People come to us wanting a variety of different things from their garage additions, but our experience with these kinds of structures mean that we can develop custom solutions for every challenge. Rest assured, our team can help you get what you want out of your garage.These are just some of the ways we make every garage and garage addition the perfect match.

Use It Or Rent It: Make Money From Your Garage

Building larger garages is a challenge, and so is converting a garage that already have other structures. However, neither of these problems are likely to prevent our team from building you a garage that meets all of your needs. We can also install new additions to expand the size of your garage.

You can choose to use your garage for your own needs or convert it into a living space and Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) under Bill 23 laws.

Call to schedule a visit, so we can see the space and recommend the best options.

Garage Living Space

Why shouldn’t your garage be a pleasant place to be early in the morning? We frequently hear from clients who want a garage that’s comfortable all year round and we can tackle that problem in many different ways. Contact OGC today to learn how we can make your new custom garage more comfortable.

Garage Security

The most fundamental duty of a garage is to protect your motor vehicles. You can trust any garage we build to keep your car safe from the elements, but special custom options are available if you’re concerned about protecting your vehicles from other threats. Ask us about any special concerns you have for the security of your garage.

The Best Garage Design

The garage that OGC LTD builds for you will not only meet your needs, it will feature some of the best exterior design available. Our experienced design team will work with you to develop your ideas into attractive designs and actionable plans. To make this easier for you, we use 3D renders to show you how each of your ideas will look before it’s built.

Choose OGC LTD

Call as soon as you’re ready to start planning your new garage. We’ll use our combined 30 years of experience in construction to design, plan and build the best garage for your needs. We use the best standards, trades and materials for all of our work, and we keep our prices affordable by harnessing meaningful relationships with our suppliers.

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