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In-Law Suite Builders in Ottawa

Multi-generational family homes are becoming a necessity for more and more people, but that doesn’t have to mean cramped quarters or overburdened washrooms and kitchens. An in-law suite gives visiting or live-in relatives access to everything they need in their own space in your home.

Extensions like these can help you bring your family together without the tension caused by a lack of space. Our experts will work with you to create the perfect in-law suite for your needs.

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Building for a Bigger Family

Families need to stick together, and that can mean multiple generations under the same roof. Welcoming back a relative should be comforting and exciting, even though some stress should be expected. The stress shouldn’t come from inconvenience and tension though, because that kind of stress is just going to worsen the longer the problem goes unresolved.

In-law suites resolve that tension by giving relatives their own space and utilities. It’s perfect for establishing some dignity and independence, and giving back some privacy that was lost when returning home. How far you want to go is your choice, but we have many designs and layouts to fit almost any home and lifestyle, and it’s no trouble to build a custom solution for your own home.

We can design in-law suites with access to absolutely everything an independent person would need and want. This includes common options like bathrooms and kitchenettes, but we can build private laundry rooms and other features based on your needs.

Creating a Great Living Space

We are masters at efficient use of small amounts of space. Even the most efficient in-law suite can be roomy, cozy and even luxurious. We have a range of ideas and materials that will take your in-law suite to the next level of comfort, you’ll be able to look at and touch many of the materials we use for building, including cabinets and fixtures at our design centre.

You know that you’re getting a great in-law suite when our team is on the job. First, we have decades of experience building, and that general experience is strengthened by our direct experience with designing and building in-law suites and other compact spaces. Building an in-law suite is about the needs and personality of the homeowner and the person who will be living in the suite, and that’s what we deliver.

That’s why we insist on having a design in place. It helps you work through everything you want. We’ll consult with you on your ideas and needs, and produce designs and 3D renders that will allow you visualize how it will appear in real life. You don’t just get a high quality suite that meets your needs, you get an attractive space that your relatives and guests are proud to call home.

Yes, We Can Build for Special Needs

Relatives returning home may be doing so because living on their own is difficult, or perhaps because they require medical attention. Whatever difficulties your relatives may have can be eased by building an in-law suite with their needs in mind. Our team can absolutely handle that. We can design and build custom rooms to accommodate medical equipment, and we can include helpful features like railings and intercoms if necessary.

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