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Relax in the Sun with a Solarium

Enjoy a little bit of summer all year round when you call OGC LTD to have a solarium or sunroom installed at your home. A solarium is just one of many special additions we can build, and it’s one that can make an incredible difference in the look and feel of your home’s interior.

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What’s a Solarium?

Solarium is a classic term for a sun room. These rooms, covered on every side (often even the ceiling) by large windows that trap heat and let in light, have been a fixture on finer homes for centuries. They’re designed to provide access to the pleasures of the outdoors without risking the comfort and temperature control of home. You can think of it like a greenhouse that’s attached to the home.

Well-constructed solariums, like the ones built by our professional team, let in sunlight from almost every angle. It’s the perfect place for a cozy reading room, a garden or a dining room that will leave guests enchanted. With the right glass and other materials, it can still be just as cozy and comfortable in the winter as it is in the summer.

The glass panels that are used to build sunrooms today are pre-fabricated, which makes it very easy for a skillful team like ours to quickly build any type of sunroom that you can imagine. Along with any other special features you might want to add to make it better, you will have complete and custom control over the look and size of your solarium to meet your needs.

If you’ve got ideas for a solarium, we’d love to hear from you today. We’ll partner you with one of our senior designers, who will help you turn all of your ideas into a functional plan for your home. You’ll be enjoying a gorgeous new sun room in no time.

Greenhouses, Pool Houses and other Specialty Styles!

Don’t underestimate what a solarium could mean for your home. There are many great ways to put this kind of space to use whether it’s attached to your home or not.

Greenhouses: Solariums and greenhouses aren’t exactly the same, but solariums are a fantastic place to store starting seeds or delicate plants. Protected from temperature changes and wind, your flora will thrive.

Pool Houses: A pool house is a great addition to a new pool. Whether you want somewhere to watch the water, or to keep an eye on your kids without getting wet, pools and pool houses go hand-in-hand.

And More: Have a unique idea for what you want from your solarium? We can accommodate any request and build the solarium that meets all of your needs.

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