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Basement Suite & Walk-Out Renovations In Ottawa

Finishing a basement can transform an unfinished basement or a damp, under-utilized cellar into a great space to host guests—or even an independent suite that you can rent out. Whether you’re looking for space for your family, your friends or for an extra income source, a basement suite could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The professionals at OGC know your guests might want a little privacy, so we offer all options. With features intended for privacy, like independent entries, basement suites allow you to welcome guests or tenants into your home without compromising your lifestyle.

Basement Suites for Family Members & Guests

More Space & Potential Income

Having guests to visit is a joy – but it can be a chore with everyone tripping over each other’s shoes trying to get a morning coffee or queuing for the shower. Converting an underused basement into a semi-independent guest suite can make hosting friends or family members easy or fun. Learn more basement ideas.

Basement suites are particularly valuable if you expect to host guests for long periods of time, perhaps family coming from overseas or grandchildren coming for the summer holidays. The self-contained nature of a basement suite allows early risers and late sleepers to co-exist happily. Adding a bathroom to the basement is a great way to increase the utility the space offers.

Renting out a Basement Suite – High return on investment

Many Ottawa homes have basements which can easily be transformed into complete, independent suites with their own entrance, bathroom and kitchen. That may be why these basement renovations are so popular among homeowners who want to downsize without leaving their beloved home as part of their home will be rented out, without interfering with the main property.

Basement suites are also ideal for adult family members who require both care and independence. For two or more generations living under one roof, often after years or decades of living separately, the extra space a full renovation can offer, with an independent entrance, kitchenette and bathroom, can be lifesaving.

Basement Finishing Experts

At OGC we’ve handled every kind of basement project, from simple redecoration to additional excavations. From the initial design consultation to the very last coat of paint, our team of skilled construction professionals will be with you every step of the way. Our primary goal at OGC is to build relations with all our clients.

Our comprehensive, long lasting warranty, has you covered from A to Z, so if anything goes wrong, we have you covered. However, between our high building standards and vetted materials and contractors, you shouldn’t expect to ever have a problem with your basement renovation.

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