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OGC LTD should be your first call if you want to build your own new home. Our team is one of the city’s most experienced when it comes to all types of construction, but homes are something we particularly enjoy. It’s always a treat to get to work on a project where there are few restrictions on creative freedom. We’re eager to see what you can come up with, and our designers are ready to make it happen.

We’re going to create a home for you that completely meets the needs of you and your family.

Budget it often one of the biggest concerns when it comes to building new homes, and you’ll always receive the most accurate information by talking to someone who knows and understands the building process. Don’t base your decision on the answers you get from unreliable online sources. Instead, talk to our designers and estimators, who can tell you everything you need to know about the materials and costs.

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Ottawa’s Custom Home Experts

Why Choose Our Contractors?

It doesn’t matter what stage of the process you find yourself at right now. We can help you bring it to that next stage and then build it for you to enjoy. We can start with just your ideas and work towards something that inspires you, or we can start with an existing plan. Our designers can craft any vision into actionable home plans, and our project management team builds superb quality homes for affordable prices.

You should choose OGC for your build to take advantage of all of these benefits and more.

You Get Awesome Design

We have some of the best designers in Ottawa, and you’ll get to take advantage of all of the fun ways we offer to finish your design. One special feature we offer is 3D renders. These are 3D images of any materials, design layout or ideas that you might have for your new home. We also have an excellent in-house design centre that features a variety of samples for everything from flooring to cabinets. See and touch it all!

You Get the Experts

Our team enjoys the expertise that only decades of experience in the field can bring, and that means a lot for you and your future custom home. It means we know how to translate your most creative ideas into actionable plans, that we can give you the best recommendation when certain ideas don’t work out, and that we build to the highest quality.

You Get Committed Builders

We are with you all the way from the start to the finish. If you’re worried about anything to do with building, you can stop worrying right now, because we’re going to take care of it. Everything from the production of the final blueprints to the city permit process is completely handled by our team of professionals.

We also make it our mission to keep you completely in the loop throughout the entire process. We’re always here for your important questions.

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