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Basement Finishing Contractors in Ottawa

Contact our basement finishing contractors to finish your basement in Ottawa. The decades of combined experience held by our team includes projects as large as whole custom homes, and major conversions of commercial and industrial buildings into living space. We have the skills to make your basement just as inviting and cozy as the main floor and upper-level rooms.

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Basement Finishing Challenges—We Have Solutions

Finishing a basement can be difficult. Some were simply not designed to accommodate living spaces, and that may present challenges like poor lighting and damp conditions. Our basement finishing contractors have solutions for all of the various problems we could encounter. With a little ingenuity, we can transform your basement into one of the best living spaces in your home.

Flooring and Walls

Concrete flooring and walls doesn’t work for everyone’s style, but it’s the standard for most basements. Installing new flooring and renovating the walls is one of the quickest ways to make your basement more inviting. We can install all types of new flooring including exotic woods, laminate and carpeting. If you’re worried about water, you’ll be glad to know that we often work directly with foundations, and we know how to spot any potential problems before we begin.

Ventilation and Lighting

Many basements don’t have adequate ventilation for living spaces, and they’re rarely built with natural light in mind. These are both problems that can be solved easily by our design team. There are a variety of ways to improve the air quality of the basement to match the rest of the home. With the right application of lighting, and perhaps some new windows, your basement can also be a warm and bright place to relax.


If you want your finished basement structured into rooms, we can help. With one visit to your basement, our design experts will be able to produce layouts and floor plans that help you make the most of the space you have available. Our team can also install other helpful features for new rooms like additional bathrooms.

Custom Designs—Your Basement Finished Your Way

Our experience allows us to approach even the most challenging ideas with confidence. We’ll help you design a finished basement that completely matches your needs and complements your style. The basement we finish for you will be the one you requested down to the last detail. If you have unique plans, or special needs that need to be accommodated and addressed, call our number to speak with a representative today.

Quality Basement Finishing Delivered Affordably

We are award-winning builders, and we maintain tough standards for our process and our materials for every job. Your work with be planned by expert designers, and your basement will be finished by the most qualified basement finishing contractors.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop us from being able to offer our services affordably. Long-standing and friendly relationships with our suppliers help us secure amazing deals on materials, and we pass the savings onto you.

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