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Stunning Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is often the busiest room in the house, the beating heart of the home. Outdated, poorly designed kitchens can clog up the works, making day-to-day tasks like feeding and caring for your family much harder than they need to be. OGC specialize in kitchen renovation design and can transform your kitchen from a dowdy, dark or impractical room into a beautiful kitchen you’ll be happy to show off to your friends.

Make The Most Of Your Kitchen

We Can Transform Your Kitchen

Even the most out-dated kitchen has something to offer – perhaps it’s a lovely view of the garden, great natural light or maybe it’s just a wall where a lovely view could be. Working with your kitchen’s strengths and overcoming its weaknesses, our design team will create your perfect kitchen renovation design.

With expert knowledge of available materials and hundreds of innovative kitchen design ideas, we can help you make the most of your kitchen, whether it’s preserving the homely atmosphere or transforming a well-proportioned space into an elegant entertainment venue.

Unlimited Design Ideas – See them & get creative!

As you use your kitchen, think about all the tasks you accomplish in there. From making a cup of coffee to lavish celebration dinners, from sharing brunch with a friend to hosting a large party – even if all you do is prepare food, your kitchen will get a real workout over the year.

Kitchen design ideas should be beautiful and practical – that’s why our kitchen renovation design specialists work with the space available in every instance. Depending on the shape and style of your kitchen, we’ll come up with a kitchen layout which makes your life easier, whether it’s reformatting a galley kitchen or extending an open plan kitchen to include a breakfast nook and even a patio, for summer dining.

Professional Kitchen Designers in Ottawa

Each kitchen is different because each house is different and each family is different. That’s why we don’t build one-size-fits-none mass-produced kitchens. All our kitchens are custom kitchens, designed by a kitchen design expert.

Custom kitchen design means that you don’t spend money on things you don’t need and can instead focus on getting the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Our designers work with sophisticated 3D computer modeling software which provides photo-realistic images of kitchen designs, allowing you to see what your kitchen renovation will look like before the builders even knock on your door.

Traditional & Modern Kitchen Designs

At OGC we offer an integrated design and build service. Throughout our history, our designers have had feedback from our construction crews and the families we work with, helping them make sure we create kitchen renovation designs which look beautiful on paper, are easy to build and a joy to live in.

As our design and construction teams work together in close contact, it’s easy for us to avoid the sometimes expensive mistakes which designers without our technical links may make. All our kitchen renovation designs take construction costs into account, which means that you’ll have a clear and accurate budget and timeline before we start work.

Learn more about our kitchen renovation services.

Learn more about our home renovation services.

Kitchen Design Center – Discuss ideas with our experts

Ready to learn more? Whether you know exactly what you want or are still considering the options, a visit to our design center will give you lots of great ideas. We know it’s easier to picture a cabinet style or a kitchen layout in your home when you can see it in front of you so our design center is packed with samples, photographs and designs.

Our design center is open 5 days a week, 9am-5pm, from Monday to Friday at our Nepean, Ottawa location. Drop in any time our doors are open too look at samples, have a coffee and a chat with our team, or book an appointment with our kitchen design specialist to explore your needs in detail.

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