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Home Renovations by Ottawa’s Favorite Contractors

Choose OGC LTD for all of your home renovation needs in Ottawa. Our team handles renovations for kitchens, bathrooms, basements and every other room of your home. We’re also the team to call if your home needs major repairs. All of these services benefit from our combined 30 years of experience in the industry, and the dedication for quality upon which we’ve built our reputation.

You don’t need to figure out every detail of your renovation to enjoy our expertise. Call us today with your ideas, and we’ll tell you how we can make them happen. Our designers will help you turn all your ideas into a solid plan, and then our builders will make it happen in your home.

Affordable Kitchen Renovations

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of every home, and more so than many other rooms, a kitchen must meet the needs of the family living in the home. Whether you need more space, more storage, more sunlight or just more colour, we can make it happen. Our kitchen renovation services cover everything from the flooring and the lighting to the cabinets and the fixtures. Each element can be adjusted to give you the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Build a Bathroom You’ll Love

Bathroom design should strive for optimal comfort and efficiency. If you’re frustrated by one that just isn’t meeting your needs, our team may be able to give it what it’s been missing. Our design experts can examine your needs and situation to figure out exactly where your bathroom is falling short. Elements like poor layouts, dated features and small damages can drag down the mood of the room, but our experts know what to tweak or replace each feature to make it amazing.

Your Basement Can Do More

If you have all the storage space you need, a basement can start to feel like a pretty useless room. Often cold and damp, basements aren’t always respected for the power they have to be the best room in a home. Our team knows how to renovate basements to make them cozy, and a comfortable space where your family will want to be. Ask us about building family game rooms, home theaters, intimate dens or even extra bedrooms.

We Handle Major Repairs

Call our team today to handle heavy damage to your home for an affordable price. We remove the worry by providing you with expert services at a competitive rate. It doesn’t matter if your home has sustained damage from acts of nature, substandard materials, age, or human accidents. We can help with all types of damage, and we can use our expertise to make your home look exactly the same or better than it did before the damage occurred. Call to learn more, today.

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