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10 Awesome Secret Rooms and Entrances

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February 1, 2014

So you want to make your home a little more stylish, perhaps even a bit unpredictable. Adding an element of surprise to your home is easy when you install a secret room. Go through our top ten list to get inspired. After you’ve reached the end, you’ll have more than enough ideas to create the perfect lair for your supervillain alter-ego, or simply make your house a tad more awesome.

Santa Monica Interior Designer Karina Oldemans Interior Design

1. Make your secret room even more mysterious by using it as a place to display all of your curiosities. This room features many geologic and other natural specimens set in a glass display case. The museum-like setting is enhanced by the sophisticated pairing of dark hardwood and pale walls.

Creative Home Engineering

2. This stone wall would never seem to be anything more, making it the perfect entrance to a secret room. This idea is great for panic rooms or security vaults. When creating a safe room, discretion is key.

Hutker Architects

3. Nothing says “Don’t bother me, I’m reading!” like a secret reading room hidden behind shelves. A must have for hermit bookworms everywhere.

Apartment Therapy

4. This bright and pretty bed-in-a-closet is much more appealing than the thought of Harry Potter’s cramped cranny under the stairs.


5. Your children will love the adventurous memories created by travelling to one another’s rooms through “secret” tunnels. Make them even cooler by painting ancient hieroglyphics inside, or making them look like caves.

Stash Vault

6. Sure in-laws, come on over! This hidden guest room is perfect for the visitor whose presence is preferably as unfelt as possible. Just make sure that there is a door handle on the inside, okay?

Creative Home Engineering

7. Celebrate your love for wine and Edgar Allan Poe by using this “The Cask of Amontillado” inspired entryway. Behind the wine is the perfect place to trap old enemies richly deserving of revenge…or more wine, of course.


8. “If you’re rich and your house doesn’t have a bookcase that spins into a secret lair, you aren’t spending your money the right way.” – A very wise person.

St Louis Interior Designer Savvy Surrounding Style

9. What’s more fun than watching your guests helplessly search for the secret bathroom? Warning: You may be the only one that finds this amusing. Nevertheless, plan your menu accordingly if you’re having folks over for a meal.

Steelhead Partners

10. Create a modern speakeasy by hiding your own bar inside your home. You may not need to be so hush hush, but it will still be fun to pretend. Get your zoot suits and flapper dresses ready!

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