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4 Creative Ways To Add More Space To Your Home

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October 12, 2015

Short of living in a 10,000 square foot mansion, we’d all be happier with a bigger master bathroom, a larger kitchen, more closet space and the list goes on. We love our home, but who couldn’t do with a little more space?

If you’re not ready for the renovations that you want, there are still many ways to get creative with the space you do have. With the right amount of creativity and elbow grease, you might just fall in love with your home all over again. We’ve listed a few ideas below to help get you started. Feel free to join the conversation in our comments section and share some of your tips and favourite space saving hacks.

Closet Space


In this day and age of excess, everyone seems to find themselves short on closet space. It is probably the most considered area in the home when it comes to conversations about insufficient space. So instead of demo’ing a few walls and sacrificing space elsewhere, create your very own walk-in closet.


  If you have an extra bedroom, you can inexpensively purchase a rolling rack for your clothes that you can place along the wall, add a few shelves and a fun dresser drawer you’ve reclaimed at a local garage sale or flea market. You can have a section for your jewelry or belts and ties, and don’t forget a large floor-to-ceiling framed mirror as well.

Spare Bedroom


OK, so now that we’ve taken away your spare bedroom, you might just need another one. Or maybe you still need one in the first place. Buy a daybed that doubles as a look-alike sofa or, alternatively, you can purchase a murphy bed and have it installed in the closet. Not only does the murphy bed tuck away, but it hides away in the closet as well. This way you can use the actual ‘spare’ bedroom as your walk-in closet, as your home office, as a playroom for the kids, a craft room, or for a number of other purposes.


Home Office


Now in this scenario, we’re assuming there just isn’t even a spare bedroom, or perhaps the one you have is too small to be called a bedroom. The solution could be as simple as removing the closet doors from this tiny room or from a living room closet and tucking a cozy desk inside instead. Little closets make for perfect little home offices. The overhead
shelving can be used to tuck away files, printers and other bulky items, or to install lighting as well. If you’re feeling extra creative, replace sliding doors with regular doors so you can lock up your office at the end of a long, hard day’s work.


Eat-In Kitchen


No one has time to set up the formal dining room table when they just want a bowl of cereal. So who couldn’t use a dining room AND an eat-in kitchen. However these days the eat-in kitchen is often removed to add more counter space or room for appliances


So what’s a person to do? An inexpensive portable kitchen island from stores like IKEA pack a lot of punch and not only function as additional counter space - but as a breakfast bar. A few bar stools that can tuck under the island or into your pantry and you’ve got yourself a makeshift eat-in kitchen. These are also perfect when entertaining friends and family and your kitchen just isn’t big enough. Having the extra seats around the island will make everyone feel welcome.

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