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8 Fictional Homes You Wish Were Real

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February 27, 2014

We know the feeling: You’re in the middle of reading an amazing book, or watching an engrossing film, and suddenly, a place is described that you’d kill to visit even just once. Only you can’t. Because it’s not real. What injustice! How inhumane! Is there anything more unfair? In this post, we’ve collected some of our favorite fictional homes, homes we know that you’ll drool over as well.

Howl’s Castle – Howl’s Moving Castle

From the book by Diana Wynne Jones, and brought to the silver screen by imaginative powerhouse Hayao Miyazaki, Howl’s home looks more like a mechanical creature than a castle. But check out those smoke stacks! And its mobility would allow you to travel anywhere, without even having to leave the house. The magical mansion comes complete with a sarcastic hearth fire named Calcifer, and a following scarecrow who is actually a prince.

The Burrow – Harry Potter

Harry Potter Wikia

Home to the most lovable family in all of England, The Burrow offers plenty of comfort where it lacks in glamour. There’s a fireplace that doubles as a portal, a clock that keeps track of the whole family, and a nostalgic gunpowder smell that remains from Fred and George’s many experiments.

Wayne Manor – Batman

Mentmore Towers

If the Wayne Manor was real, it would be valued at over $32 million dollars. But when you think of that price, forget about all the bedrooms, ballrooms, and even its location. The only selling point that matters here is the much-coveted Bat Cave.

The Red Keep – Game of Thrones

Julian Caldow

Okay, so maybe this is pushing it – The Red Keep is much more than a house. It’s the home to The Iron Throne, was built by the Targaryens, and has a great hall full of the skulls of the great dragons. If you owned this majestic piece of architecture, you’d have the added benefit of dealing with any irritating house guests in the most diplomatic way possible: throw them in The Black Cells!

Sherlock’s House – Sherlock

The Apartment Dweller’s Survival Guide

Sherlock’s house is one of the best examples of how to make disheveled style work. Among the home’s many decorative features are multiple wallpapers, a cardboard box end table, gunshot holes, graffiti art, and overflowing bookcases. If you were able to live on Baker Street, you’d also be the proud tenant of the most adorable landlady in the world: Mrs. Hudson.

The Baggins’ Hobbit Hole –
The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings

LOTR Wikia

The hobbit hole is quaint and cozy, but unless you’re pint-sized, you’d need it to be built a bit bigger. Nevertheless, the home has a rustic charm that perfectly reflects the laid-back hobbit lifestyle. Being submerged in a hillside and having a green roof also makes the home sustainable. This house is particularly great for foodies, since the well-stocked pantry is the biggest and most important room!

Carl’s House – Up

While the house’s architecture may be pretty ordinary, you’ve got to admit, its view is pretty spectacular! Though you probably wouldn’t want to move it from its final location of Paradise Falls, it’s nice to know that moving is as easy as blowing up a few (or several hundred) balloons.

The Witch House – Dreams in the Witch House

Alex Shatohin

H.P. Lovecraft described this house as having non-euclidean angles, portals to dark dimensions, a spooky history, and a furry, if not sinister housemate. So what if the architecture is a bit quirky, or you’d have some unfriendly visitors at night? You’d probably love to make this house your real-world home!

On second thought….maybe not.

Which of these fictional homes is the one you’d most want to live in? Are there any you wish were on the list? Let us know! Drop us a comment below.

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