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A Home Renovation Planning Guide

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November 27, 2012

Planning a home renovation can be an overwhelming task. With all the major categories to renovate that you have to make decisions on, like painting, flooring, layout and then the sub categories like color, design, material, coordination -  The overall project can be quite elaborate.Are you having trouble figuring out where to start a renovation? How to start a renovation and plan for a renovation? Many home owners find they don't even know what room is best to renovate, but that's something that's different for every home. From choosing the best contractor to managing the vision in mind, journeying into the home renovation - here is a renovation planning guide to consider.  So, sit back, and we’ll take you through to some tips on how to visualize the project at hand while keeping the stress down, inviting a smooth ride to the big finish.

Some Food for Thought - Where to begin?

Setting realistic goals will make things easier when enduring the initial process which can take weeks to complete.  Plan a budget and crunch the numbers. Set a priority list of the projects to be completed and think of a timeline.  Maybe the basement is the best place to start or just the kitchen counter tops and cupboards.  Shop around for the design and supplies that best represents the plan. A great way to see the finished design once the chosen design is decided, is to checkout 3D computer modelling software.  This will make it easier and enable a decision. Ottawa General Contractors LTD offers free estimates on all home renovations, simply call and speak with an estimator.

Set a Plan in Motion - 3D modelling software

3D  design system allows for a digital version of the home presented right before the users eyes- not just as it is now, but how it will look like after the selections are made. Granite counter tops and cabinet matching, spa bath or paint colors, a complete virtual representation envisioned for the home on display without tearing about the home. Learn more about 3D renovation design.Deciding what to do next will be a decision which will impact  short and long-term goals. Sitting down with a designer can be a crucial step, Designers offer unbiased advice with no pressure. Which home improvements will make the best return on investment? It is important to stay concentrated on the most important decision, what will be best suited for the future.

Plan the Future by Choosing Your Design

Choosing a reputable designer and the best contractor to take on the home renovation will be a journey into the home remodel.  Some contracting companies can handle the entire project, from the planning to a complete guide to planning  the job.  Doing research is a must, look for companies that offer a diverse portfolio, are fully insured and will offer  a Free quote online or in the office.  A home renovation is an exciting part of the path to improving the home environment, bringing  ideas out.  During this phase there should be little to no pressure with the guidance of a professional, who will be there throughout the process.  Additions, kitchens, bathrooms and basement,  the self-satisfaction of adding a house renovation to life's timeline will be well worth the wait.

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