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Accessibility Renovations

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November 6, 2017

Accessibility Renovations for Seniors

Accessibility renovations for seniors are projects that add incredible value now, but also when it comes time to sell your home. You may lure in a potential buyer just because the home is already set up for senior citizen or those with disabilities. At the same time however, most of these renovations are non-invasive so that they can be easily removed when the need for them is no longer there. The bottom line is, there is all reward with no risk in contracting accessibility renovations for seniors. They are features that you absolutely need to have now, but ones which will not hurt your market value in the future.

What Are Some Typical Accessibility Renovations for Seniors?

One of the main problem areas in the home for seniors is the bathroom. The bathroom is generally held as a private sanctuary – one where freedom from needing assistance is extremely valuable. These type of sensitive renovations are sometimes referred to as 'age in place' remodels. Grab bars and rails are almost a given for age-in-place bathrooms in both the shower and near the toilet. In fact, every shower or tub user could benefit from having that extra bit of stability “just in case.” Walk-in bathtubs avoid that dangerous front lip of the tub altogether. If you can't install a walk-in bathtub, at least affix a sprayer attachment for the shower head. Other items that can help are a taller toilet, non-slip mats, and don't forget a bathroom fan with a heater to increase the warmth of those with poor circulation.

Accessibility Renovations for the Rest of the Home

There are three main areas to consider when contracting accessibility renovations for seniors in Ottawa – access, height, and effort:

  • Access. How easy is it for those in a wheelchair or walker to get around the house? Even single steps up into a room or raised door thresholds can present extreme difficulty in navigating.
  • Height. Try and raise things that are difficulty to get into – specifically seating, or bathtubs, toilets, etc. Second, try and lower objects that are too high such as countertops and cabinets.
  • Effort. Can a senior adequately turn the knobs of an old faucet or is it better to have 'lift levers'. How easy is it to crouch down into the bottom of a stove to get a pan?

There is another point of concern when it comes to accessibility renovations for seniors in Ontario. This point is the 'just in case' scenario. On one hand, soft padded flooring may restrict how easy it is to push a walker around. But on the other it could be a life saver in the case of a fall. Are there speaker monitors in the bathroom for non-invasive communication? Have you utilized a Smart camera to view the home from your cell phone when seniors are home alone? You do these renovations out of love. You want to make sure the seniors in your life are able to age gracefully on their own terms. Contact us for more information about the wide variety of accessibility renovations that can be catered to your specific needs.

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