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Bring the theater to your basement

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November 6, 2017

Our customers get basement renovations for a wide variety of reasons. These include converting the area into an apartment for a senior / student, creating a laundry room that isn't a dungeon, or just having a place where kids can play and limit the destruction. One of the biggest requests that homeowners have regarding their basement, however, is a place to entertain. While man caves, bars, and similar types of basement rooms are all the rage but to create the space into something the whole family can enjoy it's hard to go wrong with a home theater in your basement in Ottawa.

Benefits of a Basement Home Theater

Obviously the main benefit of a basement home theater is entertainment. There's no better definition of quality time than the whole family gathering to watch a movie to wind down their day. A versatile home theater setup can also be used to watch sports games, television shows, family movies, Youtube videos, etc. There are certain benefits of having the theater in the basement itself. For one, the room is traditionally cooler which creates a very calm movie viewing experience. Most basements have minimal windows which also leads to a darker home theater – and makes custom rope lighting really 'pop'. The basement is also quieter in general and can be outfitted with sound absorption padding so you can enjoy the movies or games in surround sound without disrupting the entire neighborhood.

Here's What Is Involved In Setting Up a Home Theater In Your Basement in Ottawa

There are two priorities we have when designing and building a home theater setup for our clients: entertainment and comfort. Your entertainment will come in the things you buy. A large screen projector, a booming sound system, and a popcorn maker in the corner all contribute to the experience when watching a movie from your own home.

Home Theater Comfort Aspect

It is our job to build up the comfort experience you'll enjoy with a basement home theater setup in Ottawa. Our first approach with comfort is making the basement habitable. This means integrating ventilation, removing moisture, and finishing the walls and ceiling so it feels like a real movie theater. The comfort also extends to the enjoyment of the basement itself. This is accomplished with unique and creative lighting techniques as well as integrating a floor that looks and feels inviting. We take the comfort and enjoyment of the theater to the next step by building up features like stadium seating.

Home Theater Layout Is Key

One of our biggest services is just designing how your basement home theater setup in Ottawa should be laid out. We want you to be able to maximize your seating, viewing, and acoustics while accommodating as many guests as possible. The ideal basement home theater has a congregation area for gathering popcorn and drinks (possibly a home theater bar?) while not interrupting others. A basement renovation is a project that can have immense payoff in sound peace of mind now – but also attract a very special buyer down the line. Contact us for more information about how to take your home viewing experience to the next level.

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