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Boost Your Decor with Brights!

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May 21, 2014

With all that sunshine outdoors, we find ourselves yearning to bring a bit of it inside. And we’re sure you do too! That’s why we’ve compiled this post full of tips and examples for how you can bring your home to life with the bright, vibrant colors of the sunny season.

From the Right Bank

Decorating with brights can be intimidating for some, but it’s easier than you think! A lot of homeowners worry that painting their walls a bright color or introducing a neon-hued furniture piece will clash with the rest of the room. So what’s the simple way to avoid this? Go monochrome. By having most of the room’s elements be similar in color, you won’t have to worry about mismatching. Plus, instead of being overwhelming, the solidarity of the colors actually makes the look feel more neutral. We recommend choosing more muted versions for your walls and carpet, while saving the bolder shades of your chosen hue for furniture.


You don’t have to fully paint your walls, or anything for that matter, to work in the beauty of brights. We love how in the photo above, a plain white wall has been given artsy appeal by a splash of watercolor style-green paint. Since the green lightly fades around the edges of the giant splash, this addition of color has plenty of subtlety while still being impactful.

Lee Oliveira

For those of us with busy schedules, our time in the bath or shower may be the only moment of the day that we’re able to get a little “me” time. Treat your bathing area as your personal sanctuary by adorning it in your favorite color. The shower above has been outfitted with iridescent pink tiles, giving a glamorous and playful feel. Don’t be afraid to go bold here!

Elle Decor

What if you want an intensely colorful look, but are hesitant to go with a hue that’s ultra-bright? Think saturation instead. Blues are great for getting a rich, chromatic design without veering into neon territory. Their naturally calming effect makes them ideal for adding color while keeping the feeling cool and neutral. By going with a highly saturated cobalt blue for your walls, paneling, shelving, art, and even some key furniture pieces, you can still enjoy the beauty of strong color. Want some help revamping your home to be brighter for the season? Get in touch with us today. Our friendly interior design team will be happy to give you a consultation!

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