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Choosing Paint Colors Based on Room Types

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January 24, 2014

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home’s interior is an exciting way to completely change the atmosphere. But the trick is getting the kind of atmosphere that best suits each room. After all, you don’t want your bedroom to feel too energizing, or your bathroom to feel imposing. This can make selecting paint colors a bit more complicated, which is why we’ve made this short and simple guide for choosing hues that fit.


Living Room

The living room should feel relaxing and low-key, but not so much that it leads to yawns and naps. A soft blues are great for this area, as they introduce tranquility while still keeping things light and refreshing. Light teals and pale grays, either cool or warm in tone, will create the same effect.

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This is an area where you’ll probably be spending a lot of time doing chores. Unless you’re one of those rare types that actually enjoys doing dishes, you’ll want a kitchen color that perks up your mood. It’s also wise to choose a color that keeps things looking clean and light, since kitchens tend to get cluttered. The perfect solution? A crisp, sunny yellow. Veering into orange hues will also maintain that warm and cheerful feeling.

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Dining Room

Red is the best color for stimulating appetites and tricking our minds into thinking food is more flavorful than it really is. While these are great reasons for having a red dining room, you may still be hesitant, thinking a red room is far too bold. However, it needn’t be overbearing or circus-like. In fact, a rich, dark red hue can make a room look sophisticated, which is perfect for a formal dining area.

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Since bathrooms are the spots where you and your guests will be checking up on appearances, it’s best to choose neutral tones that are flattering for most skin complexions. Going for a rich beige with a hint of warmth is your best bet for a universally complementary color.



When it’s time to head to bed, you’ll want the room to be a place where you can get cozy quick. Darker hues that create a den-like setting are ideal. Deep earth tones or even a brown-tinged plum can make your bedroom feel effortlessly comfortable and luxurious. Just one cautionary note – you may not want to get out of bed anymore!

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Baby pink or baby blue is fine if you’re a traditionalist, but why not go for something more unusual? You’ll still want a color that is soothing and cheerful to greet your bundle of joy. Our recommendation is a fresh green, venturing on the pastel side. We particularly like cooler hues of mint. Greens in general are great for creating a gender-neutral nesting area that is as relaxing as can be. Looking for something a little warmer? Consider a light shade of coral.

If you happen to try any of these colors out, we’d love to see the results! Post a photo of your beautifully colored room in the comments below.

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