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Critter Customized: Homes Built Around Pets

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February 28, 2014

If you share your home with a beloved pet, you know just how much they are a part of your family. So why shouldn’t your home accommodate them? Some truly dedicated pet owners have gone above and beyond in customizing their homes to be more comfortable for their precious critters. In this post, we’re featuring some of our favorite pet-friendly homes and rooms. We hope our examples give you some ideas for your own customizations.


Apartment Therapy

The Plus Nyan Cat House designed by Asahi Kasei is the grand achievement in kitty accommodations. The entire home has built-in features made especially for the cats’ use and enjoyment, including high-rise catwalks, floating shelves that double as stairs, litterbox stalls, tunnels, and more. The human inhabitants also have many perks, such as cat-proof surfaces and a beautifully minimalist design. See more photos here.


Dogs are happy to be immersed in your family’s activities for most of the day, but just like you, they need a space of their own. The photo above shows an amazing example of a room made especially for multiple dogs. Its concrete floors are dirt resistant, and several low-height furniture pieces provide many options for relaxing. To the right, individual stalls contain each dog’s personal bed.


Though they may not be very cuddly, fish are wonderful pets to have. Just watching them swim for a few minutes can relieve stress and make you feel more at ease. Maximize this effect by creating a wall-sized aquarium in your home. The view will be lovely, and your fish will thank you for the extra space.


The Fancy Farmgirl

If you live in the country, you know that there’s nothing more fun than raising a flock of chickens. But you wouldn’t ever say it’s glamorous, until now. The fancy chicken coop above provides comfortable quarters for both the chickens and their keeper. Built-in nesting boxes, a ladder, and protective fencing line the chicken’s living area, while the front space is reserved for food and tool storage, along with a cozy chair. See more photos here.

Are you interested in customizing your home for your furry friends? We can help! Get in touch with us to receive a free quote!

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