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Dining in Style

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October 12, 2015

Not too long ago, our partner site Vancouver Custom Homes posted about the amazing blog My Paradissi. We totally love how the blog owner, Eleni, manages to consistently provide top-notch design advice regarding almost every aspect of decorating one’s home. In this post, we want to call attention to her expert advice on mixing and matching different colors and styles of chairs to create an eclectic, fashionable dining experience that perfectly suits your style and home. Have a look at her handy visual reference guide below!

Image: visual guide isn’t the first time she’s posted her excellent advice on chair styling. In this post

from March 6th, she covers the topic in depth, giving specific tips and reasoning behind each mix and match strategy.

Let us know what you think of this simple guide in the comments below. We’d love to hear your opinions. Have you got a stylish mix of chairs in your own home? Share a photo! Be sure to check out My Paradissi for more amazing design advice, and don’t forget to check us out on Pinterest!

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