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DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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May 8, 2015

This Sunday is the day we celebrate mothers and everything they have done for us. Moms appreciate homemade gifts especially one’s that she can use around the house.

These DIY’s are stylish, functional, and easy to make.

Personalized Home Welcome Mat

Welcome Mat

Your doormat is one of the first things your guests see. Add a personal touch to your plain old welcome mat by painting on the family name, initials or fun images that represent the family.

Find instructions here: Personalized Home Welcome Mat

Box of Memories

Photo box

Remind her of a family memory, such as a vacation, celebration or other special event in her life, by making a photo box out of two wooden picture frames. When you're done, fill the box with ticket stubs and souvenirs. This would look great on her coffee table in the living room or on top of her dresser.

Steps and Materials: Picture-Frame Photo Box

Pressed Pansy Coasters

Pansy Coasters

Spring is in the air, these pressed pansy coasters will add a colourful touch to her home.

Steps and Materials: Pressed Pansy Coasters

Bottle Vase Centerpiece

Glass Bottle and Wood frame

This re-purposed centerpiece out of glass bottles adds a spring touch to the kitchen or dining room.

Find the instructions here: Bottle Vase Centerpiece

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit

This is perfect for the crafty mom. You can also take inspiration from this DIY and cater these jars to your mom’s hobby, such as knitting, baking ingredients, and others.

Instructions: DIY Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Family Tree

Family Tree

Use mod podge to copy your family tree onto a serving tray for a gift that mom will love.

How-to here: Family Tree

Recipe Display

Recipie Card Holder

Perfect for the mom who loves to cook and bake. This repurposed cupboard will add a country edge to any kitchen and you can even use it to hang photos.

Directions here: Recipe Holder

Initial Frame

Initial Frame

Is there a bare wall in your mom’s home just begging for some attention? This initial frame might just be the perfect solution.

Learn how: Initial Frame

Blooming Monogram

Blooming Monogram

Many moms love flowers, another initial option is this blooming monogram. You can choose whatever flower your mother likes best, but make sure to use light colours so she can add it to her spring decor.

Find out how to make it: Blooming Monogram

Shutter Wall Organizer

Shutter Wall organizer

Many moms love to keep organized. One way to help her out is this wall organizer. It’s tasteful and helps manage any small clutter she may have laying around, perfect for a hallway or entryway.

Instructions: Shutter Organizer

Which one will you make for your mom?

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