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Energy Efficient Kitchens

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October 31, 2017

Energy Saving + Smart Kitchen

Your kitchen is often described as the MVP of your home, the area which adds the most value to future buyers but also the spot that you use the most now. Think about it, your kitchen is very multi-faceted. The area is an entertainment hub, a place to prepare and eat meals, a foyer, and more. Of course your kitchen is also the spot that consumes arguably the most energy in your house. Water, electricity, and gas are all almost constantly in use when the kitchen is occupied. Therefore the latest remodeling trend isn't just for improving the kitchens looks, and function – it's making an energy saving smart kitchen.

Energy Saving Kitchens in Ottawa

There are two main reasons why energy efficiency should be pursued to it's greatest levels in your kitchen. First off, because the kitchen uses so much energy compared to the rest of your home. Besides that, there's so much opportunity to lower your energy use in the kitchen that it's downright irresponsible to not integrate a plan. Remember that having an energy efficient kitchen not only cuts down on your utility bills, it extends the life span of your appliances which saves you even more money. Beyond that, Energy Star appliances and lighting cut down on emissions into the atmosphere – something we all should be striving to do.

Creating an Energy Efficient Kitchen

The first thing you should be looking at in a kitchen remodel is replacing old appliances. Energy Star refrigerators use 15% less energy than their predecessors. A refrigerator with a top mounted freezer saves up to 25% than older freezers. Old dishwashers drain the life out of your water heater. Even items like ceiling fans (60% more efficient now), low-flow faucets, and LED lightbulbs have a positive energy effect on your kitchen. You can also create a more energy efficient kitchen based on how you plan your remodel. An energy saving + smart kitchen in Ottawa will include windows for air circulation and natural light. Glossy, reflective, flooring and countertops can reflect the light you do have, requiring less of it. Create an open concept kitchen – not only because it's a great design trend but because some of the heat from cooking food will emanate into other rooms. This means you can turn the furnace down. All the seemingly little things matter when it comes to an energy efficient kitchen.

Integrating Into a Smart Kitchen

Energy efficiency simply isn't enough anymore when it comes to your kitchen. The latest trend is to make your room a 'smart' kitchen. Not only can we cut your utility bills down, but we take your convenience to unheard of levels. You can get a cell phone notification the second your oven has finished preheating. Or you can get an alert if the refrigerator door has been left open. You can start a roaster at any time remotely so that it finishes cooking right as you pull in the door. Forget the alarm clock, why not wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee?These energy saving smart kitchen upgrades help save on your energy bills. The big picture, however, is saving a little bit of energy across millions of homes. The results stack up, leading to a healthier, happier environment. Plus, a couple bucks is a couple bucks.

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