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What to expect during a home renovation

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July 4, 2015

Choosing the right home renovations is a decision that effects the long run. Selecting the renovation that best suites and accommodation the future plan is best. Once that decision is made, there are certain things to expect during the renovation process.

The nature of dust - Airborne traveler

It travels airborne and can get into any space. If your remodeling your kitchen, sealing off the area so dust cannot make its way to the living room and cover your sofa will be a measure worth thinking about. A compression fit temporary wall or vapor seal can do the trick. Also, running air filtering systems will help get the dust out of the room. You’ll also want to seal off ventilation ducts and turn off the heat or a/c so the the dust doesn't travel through the passage ways to other rooms. You’ll definitely want to consult an HVAC company prior to turning on/off heat or air and sealing off the ventilation ducts within the house.

The repetitive noise - an all day thing

Pounding, grinding, whining, loud sounds will be an enduring process if you plan to stick around during the renovations. Let’s not forget, strangers in and around your home. Mentally prepare for what's to come. Most home construction will run set hours but be prepared for extended hours and early mornings. If your out of the house for the day, not to worry. if you're at home, pick a room as far away from the site as possible and think about your favorite music to listen to on headphones or maybe purchasing a pair of earplugs if working at your home office.

Highs and lows - enduring the process

further enduring the process. Wanting the job done is a patients game. The simultaneous high from the envisioned finished bathroom with a soaker tub or that beautiful kitchen remodel that can’t wait to be shown off, and the lows of other things up in the air, like; all the people traffic, noise, questions and concerns. Stress may be inevitable but focusing on getting results can get you through the steps as smoothly as possible.

Expect the unexpected - surprise!

Get ready for the surprises A few things you may encounter include; A unreliable contractor, bad scheduling, and surprises while on the job. These few things can change the nature of the game and cost. Let's not forget Weather can have effects on travel and supplies coming in from a distance. Working while anticipating the imperfect schedule will be the best anticipation. Plan B’s and delays aren't necessarily the end of the world. Concentrate on the bigger picture.

Managing the build - Mental maps

When it comes to remodeling you need to know what’s going on. The general idea of what’s coming in and out is important while visualizing the plan. Know the what, why’s and where's of the job. What type of flooring, maple or oak? What type of fixtures in the bathroom and how do you want to mount your sink? You’ll want to be able to direct questions that are asked. There will be many so having a good idea on the details and collaborative planning with the contractor/designer will be beneficial.

The final push - last-minute things and fun

When it comes down to the finishing touches, the last-minute details are important. You may have one piece coming in late or have final tweaks to make. Little last minute things are normal. Get them right and move on to a finished job. Next, a celebration to sea-saw the balance of agony and excitement in favor of the excitement! Have friends, family and the people involved in the build over to see the newly renovated space. Better yet, the day you longed for is here, all the chaos and lifestyle modifications are complete, a little sacrifice for a desired vision.

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