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Fabulous Bathroom Renovations on a Shoestring Budget

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October 29, 2013

So it’s time for a bathroom renovation, but your budget is more chopped liver than caviar. Can you afford to redo your bathroom and still send your kid to college? Sure, if you employ some of these wallet-friendly reno ideas. How to Reno Your Bathroom on the Cheap (But Make it Look Expensive) So how can you turn your bathroom from outdated to outstanding? First of all, redefine your idea of a reno.

  1. Ditch the Total Redo. Demolition costs add up in a hurry, and not everything in your bathroom needs to be completely removed to be remodeled. You can refinish the enamel on a tub, for example, for much less than installing a new porcelain model.
  2. Don’t Even Think of Moving. Your plumbing, that is. Rerouting plumbing is a huge budget-buster. Unless layout is totally dysfunctional – a toilet in the middle of the room, a shower shoved into a five-foot-high cubby – it’s better to work with what you have.
  3. Small Changes for Small Change. You can update the look of your bathroom with modern paint colours and trendy accessories. Even swapping out an old toilet or vanity can be done for relatively little money if you stick to basic models. And don’t neglect to update your faucets and hardware for some instant modernization.
  4. Add Style with Textiles. You can “splurge” on high-quality textiles like shower curtains and window treatments a little bit without blowing your whole reno budget. That’s because these items are very noticeable; they will give the feel of luxe without having to spring for stone-tiled floors or some other pricey item.

Your bathroom renovation budget can be cheap, but your results don’t have to look it. Think refresh instead of remodel, and you’ll be able to update your look without overdrafting your bank account.

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