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Family Pets - Living with Dogs

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April 3, 2013

The majority of people that previously had a dog found it to be a great experience, regardless of their age. Why is that? Simply because dogs are loving animals they are a mans best friend. Dogs are loyal, friendly and smart. Families with kids find having a dog a great way to teach kids many valuable life lessons and even lots of elders love having a dog.

However, there are common concerns when it comes to taking the decision of buying a dog, which is they will mess up the house and sometimes there isn't enough space for them. Are your kids always asking for that puppy? Do you want a dog in your house but a bit concerned? Why not build a room inside in your house for the dog?

Home Renovations - Ideas For a Dog Friendly House

Renovating your home? If you decide to make this room for the dog what will you put in it? There is a variety of things you can add to the room, for instance: a small bed for the dog, put the leeches on a hanger, the plate for food and one for water, the dogs toys/ bones in a nice box, a poster, wallpaper (could be dogs footprints ) and you can add a small shower for the dog. Even a calendar for the dog, to schedule when is the next appointment to the vet or when will you give them a shower, this is a more organized way and the dog will get used to it as well.

Other options that don't include getting a home renovation could be to use the guest house that isn't frequently used. You can create a room for your dog. The dog, kids and you will love it. The dog will play and sleep at this room, when they are not outdoors. This way you can keep the rest of your house tidy. Adog in the house brings joy, the only thing that needs to be done is a dog friendly house. As Moe Abbas, CEO at Ottawa General Contractors LTD said, "There are a lot of places where you can find happiness but your home is one of the few places where you can truly find meaning". It is the small things that matter the most, make your house feel more like home.

Where to Build The Dogs Room?

This room can be in the basement at any corner. Another really good place for the dogs room would be under the stairs as in the picture on the right. Since this area is usually idle, a dogs room would be perfect for that space. Also instead if a walk in closet in one of the rooms, you can alternate the closet to your dogs new room. If you have a big dog it's better to have the room in the basement as it would probably have more space. On the other hand if you have a medium/ small sized breed you can use the under the stairs area or closet.

Dog Friendly Home Design - Are they a part of YOUR family?

Ottawa General Contractors LTD will advise you the ideal place for the dogs room in your house and will give you a free quote today, on how much it would cost to have a dog friendly home design. Your dog is a big part of your life and it deserves to have a home too. After all a house is not a home without a dog and a home is not complete if it is missing something. Create the atmosphere that will add a smile on your families faces. After all it is those small precious things that matter the most.

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