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Floor Plan Light Switch

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March 12, 2013

With all the light switch's in our houses today, ever forget which switch does what? A new innovative addition to home improvement by Taewon Hwang allows you to have full control over your homes light switches with a custom design made simple, at your fingertips. Locate and execute action by turning lights on and off according to the floor plan of the room. Your very own command center - a panel displaying your home floor plans, just one LCD screen with direct access to the light.

Floor Plan Light Switch - Turning on the lights

Room by room, the floor plan switch is your new virtual command center. On the LCD screen, a simple touch into the correct room on your floor plan and you are introduced to your selected room where you now have access to all the lights within. You can visually see your home floor plan on the panel and choose which lights to turn on and off - all from one central control console. No more feeling around in the dark, the clever design will have the switch illuminate in a darkened house - allowing you to easily identify the floor plan of your home and light a room up. Once the lights are on, the selected rooms on display will digitally highlight the lights that are currently running.

Full-Control Panel - Customizing the atmosphere in your home

With today's houses having plenty of lights, a clean and clear switch that controls everything in your home from pot lights in the kitchen to the lights in your basement or a single bedroom, home owners are always looking for the best lighting effects. Along with the on or off features to plan the customized lighting settings for each room, each light has a dimmer switch directly linked to the Floor Plan Light switch.

Floor Plan Light Switch - Home automation made simple

Engaging more and more with our personal environment in the home is a switch from a world at a glance perspective. Taewon's initiative is quite impressive, they are clearly demonstrating the simplicity of home automation. Who knows where technology is going to go in the future, as the tech world is rapidly changing and translating in hyper speed. Connecting all existing technologies by single use platforms such as the home floor plan light Switch, is way we can all share a certain comfort that arises from personal freedom. The tasks which normally are time consuming and take away from the quality of everyday life find themselves meeting within a world governed by computer technology and you. An increasingly mobile world calls for a universal device with us at all times, which will enable a majority of our lives to be automated at the hands of user controls, making time in our busy lives for more of the enjoyable. Taewon Hwang has taken the right step towards the future of augmented reality.

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