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Home Renovation Financing with OGC

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March 5, 2013

OTTAWA - March 5th, 2013 - Looking for a home renovation financing contractor? Ottawa General Contractors LTD is proud to announce their partnership with Mortgage Brokers Ottawa Team Merivale to offer financing on home renovations to their clients. The intent of both companies is to allow clients a greater flexibility to renovate their homes without having to use their own capital for the full amount right away. "Without a financing option, we would not have been able to renovate our home." said a client of Ottawa General Contractors LTD. "We wanted to have the renovation done before the baby came and because of the finance option, we feel less stressed at the fact that we don’t have to empty our savings account. This makes it a lot easier" said the couple who are expecting in August.

We offer Financing - Renovating on a budget?

Looking for a contractor that offers financing? Need to finance a renovation in Ottawa? Want to finance a home construction in Ottawa? Being worried or unsure of the future is normal, having enough money to start a renovation without a financing plan is difficult. Many people put their life savings towards a new addition, or updating their kitchen. Other options available to homeowners might be extending their line of credit, maxing out credit cards, or taking out another mortgage. With the financing option, they have flexible ways to pay for their , either now or later. "This is an excellent option for our clients. Especially those who are trying to add value to their home before resale. It’s a way to invest money into their home without worrying about having the funds up front" says Moe Abbas, CEO of Ottawa General Contractors LTD who's now proud to offer financing for home renovations, giving home owners the opportunity to grow up in the home they want.

Ottawa General Contractors LTD has always offered an installment payment option on their builds. However, they recognize the need of many homeowners to have other options when approaching their home renovation. It is a win-win for both the client and Ottawa General Contractors LTD. The money to start the build is arranged by Mortgage Brokers Ottawa with options allowing draws right away – before you start, so materials for the renovation can be purchased without the need to carry over money from other jobs.

Mortgage Brokers Ottawa Team Merivale, a 3 year winner of the Consumers Choice Award.  Rob Murphy  is a Regional Partner with the Team Merivale location conveniently nearby in the Bleeker Mall (1400 Clyde at Merivale). Rob, a former Bank Manager from a major Canadian Bank comes with 16 years of experience in the area of construction financing and is available to finance your home renovation or construction with Ottawa General Contractors LTD.

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