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Make your basement a home gym

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June 11, 2017

The three outcomes that we always tell our clients to strive for in their basement renovation projects are:

1) Personal happiness

2) Increased energy efficiency

3) Improved market value

If you can achieve all three of these principles in your project it’s what we call a perfect remodel. There is however one more aspect that could be considered a very valuable change to your home – it gets you healthier. Read on to see what experts recommend to do with your space to make you happier and healthier.

In this regard a basement home gym renovation in Ottawa is a very appealing project. The renovation will pay you back in terms of a gym membership no longer being necessary. Getting healthier will also reduce medical bills and lead to a better night’s sleep which will boost your work productivity. Also the basement will generally be finished to accommodate a gym, so potential buyers could change it to their liking if they don’t even lift.

Why Basements Are Ideal For Home Gyms

The biggest benefit to putting a home gym in your basement is the fact that it’s right there. You no longer have to trek across town to hit up Anytime Fitness or fight traffic for an hour just to get 25 minutes on the treadmill. Putting money into a home gym renovation is the best incentive to make the long haul…down the stairs.

There are some physical properties of basements that also lead to the popularity of remodeling the area to suit a gym. Basements have a cooler temperature which makes them a good spot to work out in the Summer. That being said, they can also be tied into the house heating so are still viable to pump iron in during the Winter – better than a cold unfinished garage for example. Basements are also quieter as sound is absorbed by the concrete walls so your grunting and groaning won’t bother others in the home.

How to Create a Basement Home Gym Renovation in Ottawa

Basements are weird rooms that absorb moisture and don’t always have the best ventilation. There are some things to do to prepare the area for a home gym. First off, there’s a big difference between throwing a Universal machine in your utility room and actually creating a home gym. You want to add the value of a legitimate home training center but also create the atmosphere that is conducive to regular, productive workouts. Some things to consider:

  • Exterior grade preparation
  • You want to first angle your outside soil away from the foundation and make sure your gutters are positioned properly so that you’re not on the elliptical in 10” of water.
  • Basement wall waterproofing
  • You can never be too sure when it comes to water in the basement, especially if you’re finishing the area.
  • Wall work
  • A legitimate basement home gym renovation in Ottawa will include insulating the walls and adding drywall. Mirrors on the wall reflect light in the basement and also help you workout with proper posture and form.
  • Flooring
  • The best flooring for a basement gym renovation is rubber padding because it is resistant to both water and impact. Tile will crack if you drop a weight and hardwood will fluctuate with basement atmosphere conditions.

Your final steps are to add the gym equipment and other items that fuel your workout such as inspirational posters or a surround sound system. Maybe a wet bar in the corner is a good incentive to finish the last 10 minutes of your cardio so you can enjoy a drink?

Ottawa home gym renovations are very customizable. Give us a call or submit a free quote for some information on design options that work. Our expert methods will give you the opportunity to work out in luxury from the comfort of your own home. Fitness that is truly anytime.

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