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Making Modern Design Family Friendly

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January 21, 2014

If you’re raising a family of little ones, you probably learned quite quickly just how much your furnishing needs have changed. No more glass tables or expensive suede seating. And premium paint jobs are out of the question, unless you care to risk seeing them accented with your children’s scribbles. But having these new limitations doesn’t mean that your home has to have a frumpy look. In fact, you can still pull off a sleek and chic modern style that easily accommodates your family lifestyle. Here we’ve provided some of our top tips for getting an interior that is kid-friendly and contemporary.

Use soft textiles with striking graphics.

When it comes to decorating, many people think of fragile vases, delicate display pieces, and other breakage-prone items. But you can add style to any room just by using the right textiles. For couches or beds, try using throw pillows with bold patterns. You can even use large cushions as casual seating in the kids’ playroom or bedrooms. Soften hard floors by laying down a bright rug. Instead of hanging up expensive art or shelves from which things may topple over, dress up your walls with curtains that flaunt a vibrant design.

Trade hard-edged coffee tables for smooth ottomans with inner storage and surfaces.

It’s not news that children love to run and play. Nor is it surprising that their constant buzzing around can end with some accidental falls and bumps. Remove sharp corners from the mix by using a plush ottoman with a removable lid. When you need to set down your coffee, you’ll find a surface tray inside. Some models that offer storage can even be used as discreet toy boxes.

Pick a sofa with resistant materials.

All it takes is a bit of a dribble from a sippy cup or a mashed-in clump of gooey playdough for that high end couch of yours to be ruined. By choosing a model that is made for durability, you can spare yourself this woe. Many retailers now have furniture made especially for families, such as FFModern. Their Darby sectional allows you to get that striking white seating you’ve been longing for, without any of the worry.

Decorate walls with playful decals.

A cute alternative to our suggestion of printed curtains is the use of wall decals. Essentially just large stickers, these pieces can be stuck to the walls of your children’s bedrooms or playroom. For some extra fun, allow them to pick the ones they like best. Since they’re relatively easy to remove, you won’t need to go through much hassle when your child outgrows the design.

Make an artistic fort.

Want to go all out? By adding a thin separation wall or two in the corner of a room, you can create a cozy fort for your kids. Cut out some round holes of varying sizes to let in light and create an artsy display that looks like it came straight out of the modern art museum. Make it even more eye-catching by painting the inner walls with a hue that contrasts yet complements the outside.

Let us know what you think of these child-friendly design ideas. Got some of your own? Drop them in the comments below to help the rest of us learn about your innovative tips and tricks for keeping your family home as stylish as can be.

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