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Nest Learning Thermostat

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February 11, 2013

Home Energy Efficiency

An Ottawa Renovation doesn't have to be purely about a renovation. Many home owners have been starting to look at green solutions to save extra money because it really does add up. Technology is coming out rapidly and is demanding more and more from our energy bill. It’s a simple and well known concept to turn a device off when not in use. Big things like getting properly installed, surround insulation and sealing on energy efficient windows in a home renovation are becoming more and more popular as they let significantly less heat outside. Keeping your house the same temperature and saving you money on your energy bill.

Nest Learns - Worlds Energy Efficient Thermostat

When it comes to reducing the energy bill of your home with very little sacrifice then you should check out the new artificial intelligence thermostat Unlike other manually programmable thermostats, Nest is a simple, easy to use, affordable, extremely user friendly device that learns your life habits and adjusts itself with your lifestyle to efficiently manage the temperature of your home, saving you a lot of money on your electricity bill. Programmable thermostats in comparison to Nest with an Ottawa Renovation actually make you lose ~$170 every year on your bill. What makes this unique? The nest learning thermostat takes care to notice when its users leave for the day, return at night, aren't home for a few days, heading to bed and waking up in the morning. As it learns your life patterns and your preferences of heating and cooling, it will learn to adjust itself to suite your needs. Work with kids at school? Nest turns off the heating/cooling to save you energy and turns it on before its users arrive from their responsibilities. Wireless phone connection means you can adjust the heat from home in case of changes in plans keeping you in control and on top of your homes energy. General Contractors can be equipped with the knowledge to install a Nest with construction, ask your contractor if they can install a nest with your next Ottawa renovation.

Nest, Priced for Savings

With every investment there should be an equal or greater return. The Nest itself is already an incredible device that is easy to fall in love with. Its price depending on installation can be between $300-$500. This $500 investment gets you advanced, modern, sleek and easy to use thermostat that learns your lifestyle to save you money based on that and on average, after about 2 years you will see your investment back and then the savings really start. Imagine new appliances, kids college or car fun, more gift money on Christmas, every year from a simple affordable device you can get installed with your Ottawa renovation.

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