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OGC at BBB Torch Awards 2012

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November 21, 2012

Ottawa General Contractors LTD have been nominated for children's hospital pharmacy  the BBB (Better Business Bureau) Torch Award;"Every year the BBB recognizes local companies that go “Above and Beyond” in promoting trust and serving their customers, employees, suppliers and the community at large by presenting this very special award. This year, we generic levitra  have expanded our categories in order to acknowledge even more of these outstanding companies."- Kal Elfarro, Senior Estimator at Ottawa General Contractors LTD.

Ottawa General Contractors LTD - Award Nominee Renovators

The Torch Award has 6 different categories, each will have 6 companies to come on top and represent it. This year's event was held on Tuesday, November 2nd. The BBB Torch Award recognizes businesses for their Trust, Integrity and Performance. The Ottawa General Contractors LTD are finalists for the Award. We've come a long way and although we haven't quite achieved the best business in Ottawa, it still shows how we really are one of the better if not best contracting choices to go with."We're really excited about that. We're always looking to improve, always looking for better - more convenient things and ways to make it happen. We're improving our aim. Next year, we're going to get the bulls-eye and claim the award."- Moe Abbas, CEO of Ottawa General Contractors LTD.For more information about the BBB Torch Award 2012For information about BBB (Better Business Bureau)Ottawa clomid online  General Contractors have expanded to Facebook. We'll be putting weekly if not daily updates of what's going on. Ever wondered what's happening in the minds of professional contractors? Maybe this will clear that up a bit. Be sure to check out photos of our jobs as well. We're still getting photos for a majority of our newer jobs to display. For now we have a couple older ones for your viewing pleasure. Videos will be going up as well, some notes, friends to be made and so much more.

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