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OGC's Favourite Home Design Blogs of 2013

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January 12, 2014

The explosion of home renovation and DIY blogs in the past couple years has been astounding - it's great to see so many creative people share their knowledge online. Although we're professional renovators and designers at OGC, we're happy to see these bloggers really get involved in home renovations. The following is a list of some of my favorite websites that offer great ideas to direct you on your next home remodeling project. The order of this list is not equivalent to any rankings.Beneath My Heart Room Makeovers Beneath My Heartis a website run by Traci, who has charm and great taste. Her website features things from DIY ornaments to room makeovers. I have to admit, I had trouble picking a favorite out of the ones she had up. If I had to choose though, I would go with Robin's Bathroom Makeover Part 1 and Part 2. They have great pictures showing off the beautiful lighting, design and colors. You can follow Beneath My Heart on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestDecor Chick Room Makeovers Decor Chicks room makeovers site is another page full of inspirations and even some DIY jobs, such as installing a Flow Wall Garage System. I love her White Room Challenge. The challenge here was to take an empty white room with one La-Z-Boy couch and remodel it using only La-Z-Boy products. Oh, and she had to pick out all the items she was going to use for the makeover in under 2 hours. I have to say, she did an amazing job. You can follow Decor Chick on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+DIY Show Off Room Makeovers DIY Show Off Room Makeovers is a great site where people show off their DIY jobs on a variety of projects, ranging from kitchens to bedrooms to stairways. It's a great site to check out what different ideas people had for their rooms and is a great place if you need some inspiration. It took me a while to choose my favorite since there are so many great projects submitted. At the end I decided to go with this kitchen makeover because, good lord, her kitchen used to be, in my humble opinion, ugly. It may sound harsh, but the dark green counters and the orange floor really turned me off from it. After a lot of hard work, she turned it into a kitchen that she and even I (since I love cooking) always dreamed of. You can follow DIY Show Off on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+The House of Smiths DIY Tutorials and Projects The House of Smiths DIY Tutorials and Projects is a great website the Smith Family runs that has, as you may have guessed from the title, tutorials for some DIY jobs and projects that they are working on. Their tutorials are easy to follow and usually have pictures set up every step of the way. You can Follow the Smiths on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestOne Project Closer One Project Closer offers tutorials and guides for projects ranging from how to install tiles to fixing holes in drywall with many in-depth guides to choose from, so be sure to check them out! I found this guide on "How to build a freestanding deck" to be very interesting. With pictures, diagrams and videos, it is very informative and easy to follow. I have helped build one of these before and the information found here is something I wish I had back then. You can follow One Project Closer on Facebook | TwitterHome Repair Tutor Home Repair Tutor is a straight-forward, easy to navigate website set up by Jeff, a self-proclaimed handyman from Pittsburgh, PA. He has many video tutorials on Youtube (all linked to his website) and the subjects range from fixing a toilet that keeps on running to how to install a motion sensor light switch. You can follow the Home Repair Tutor on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+Remodelando la Casa (Home Remodeling) Remodelando la Casa is a website owned by Cristina. You may find that some of her guides aren't as detailed as some of the other sites I've talked about, but her work is amazing and you should check it out just for that alone (and maybe you might get some inspiration from it!). My favorite post from Cristina is her guide on installing a new toilet. I picked this guide because her information is very useful and she gives great tips on replacing an old toilet or just installing a new one. You can follow Remodelando la Casa on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestSand & Sisal DIY Projects Sand & Sisal DIY project page offers great guides and ideas for random DIY projects you can do around your house. The website is owned by Kim Wilson. She offers guides and tips from repairing your patio to seasonal decoration ideas. This article on "How to Refinish a Table" is a very informative guide, with Kim even admitting and pointing out where she went wrong. Even though she made a mistake, she still came out strong with a great finished product. You can follow Sand & Sisal on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+Young House Love Home Improvement Young House Love is owned by a handy married couples, Sherry and John. They chat about transforming their house through painting, decorating, furniture upgrades, crafts and home improvement projects. I like their guide on "Replacing a Kitchen Faucet". I like it for a couple reasons: Firstly, I have to admit that my first attempt at installing a faucet ended with a loose faucet and some other problems. I should have read this guide first. And second, the guide offers great instructions with awesome pictures to back it up. You can follow Young House Love on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestHome Depot Community Blog Home Depot's Community Blog is a great resource for decoration ideas, DIY gifts and DIY projects. All posts are contributed by the community and you'll get many different ideas and tips by reading their blog. My favorite guide is how to install a Pergo Laminate Wood Accent Wall. It's a 2 and a half minute video guide that is to the point. It offers good instructions and is easy to follow. The project itself could liven up your house. You can follow Home Depot at Facebook | Twitter | PinterestQueen B and Me DIY Makeovers Queen B and Me shows the adventures of Andrea and her husband undertaking and offering tips on various DIY jobs around the house. Her posts offer a good price point and work involved with different DIY projects as well as showing pictures as their projects go on. The project of Queen B and Me that caught my eye was "How to Refinish Hardwood Floors". Their guide shows pictures every step of the way and the hard work involved when refinishing hardwood floors. They did a great job though, and the finished product looks perfect. You can follow Queen B and Me on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+Shanty 2 Chic Shanty 2 Chic has many DIY guides, mainly focusing on furniture, crafts and outdoor projects. It is a more specialized website, so if you are interested in building your own furniture, be sure to check them out! You can follow Shanty 2 Chic on Facebook | PinterestApartment Therapy Renovation Diary Apartment Therapy Renovation Diary is a great website where many different people submit their DIY renovations. It's a great way to get ideas for what you want to do with your apartment or rooms in a house. I chose "Maxwell and Ursula's Light Rental Renovation" to go over. I really like this diary. It starts off with Max and Ursula moving into a new 2 bedroom apartment and what changes they would like to make to it (pictures are included). You can follow Apartment Therapy on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+Ask the Builder Tips, Guides and Reviews Ask the Builder is a very helpful site, offering tool reviews, tips, tricks and DIY guides for everything imaginable. The builder himself, named Tim, offers up his advice and even takes user submitted questions and tries to give the best advice possible. You can follow Ask a Builder on Facebook | Twitter | Google+Kathy's Remodeling Blog Kathy's Remodeling Blog is a bit different from some of the other sites. Her blog focuses on remodeling and DIY, but doesn't offer any guides. Instead its full of wonderful eye candy and inspiration for people looking for new projects in the home. You can follow Kathy's Remodeling Blog on Facebook | TwitterFreshome Renovation Ideas Freshome is a website all about ideas. Most of their articles show off many different styles people have used for various rooms that are, to put it simply, quite amazing. If you are looking to do some renovation work on your home, check out this inspiring website. "How to Create a Multi-Functional Closet" is a good article to read if you are planning to do a complete renovation of your room. You can follow Freshome on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+Curbly Makeovers Curbly Makeovers offers views on many different makeovers people have done to their homes as well as different decoration ideas. Many of the articles will send you to a different site to view the complete article, but they are all worth the visit. My favorite is "Bathroom Facelift on a Budget" - A great article with tips on how to save money when you want to give your bathroom a "facelift". You can follow Curbly on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest7th House on the Left 7th House on the Left is a great resource for all sorts of DIY projects, ranging from making tables to choosing the right paint. All the articles are detailed in how the people completed their projects and also offer amazing instructions on how to do it yourself. You can follow 7th House on the Left on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestThe Art of Doing Stuff "A Kitchen Renovation: The FIRST thing you should do" is a great project from The Art of Doing Stuff that you should check out. It showcases a handy lady's plan to completely renovate her kitchen including her first failed attempt with the drawn-up plans. You can follow The Art of Doing Stuff on Facebook | TwitterDans le Townhouse DIY "DIY Vinyl Floor Installation" is a good instructional article on how to install vinyl floors from Dans le Townhouse. I know from personal experience that removing old vinyl is a pain but, as this article shows, installation can be easier. You can follow Dans le Townhouse on PinterestHewn and Hammered "Home Remodeling the Green Way" is a must read for everyone from Hewn and Hammered. The article gives tips on what you can do to save money, energy and material costs when remodeling your home. You can follow Hewn and Hammered on FlickrHome Portfolio Home Portfolio will take you on a home renovation adventure, showcase you with brilliant ideas for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, furniture, lighting and colour themes. They also have detailed product reviews to assist you in choosing the best appliances for your home sweet home. You can follow Home Portfolio on Facebook | PinterestBuilding Moxie Home Improvement Another detailed blog on Home renovation that guides you through small home improvement projects to large scale renovation. My favorite is "Guide to the Common Screws Used around the House". It is a great read that gives detailed information about screws, that not many people know about. You can follow Building Moxie on Facebook | Twitter | Google+The Brick House Morgan Satterfield from The Brick House certainly has great taste on home design and awesome skills for home renovation. Although she specializes on decoration, there are other home renovation projects that you can pick up. For example, I found this great DIY Driveway article. Having done this myself with a friend, I know this job is hard work. The article offers some details behind the planning and work involved as well. You can follow the Brick House on Twitter | Pinterest | TumblrTiny-Ass Apartment Simone Chavoor decided to create Tiny-Ass Apartment after she got tired of home renovation and decor blog posts that only target people with pockets full of money. At Tiny-Ass Apartment you can find collection of design ideas for small spaces as well as tips from Simone’s own experience. So next time you need inspiration to renovate your small cozy home, be sure to check this blog out. You can follow Tiny-Ass Apartment on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestHomespot Having trouble financing your renovation? Read this article on Home Renovations and Loans. The article gives you insight on how to find loans and hire contractors (when needed), all of which is useful information if you are planning a heavy overhaul of your house. Homespot also has other cool resources like Renovation Progress Tracking List Printables, Advices for Common House Problems, Repairing Driveways, etc. You can follow Homespot on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+HGTV Remodels HGTV Remodels does not only provide you with actionable tips and advices, but also brings you latest trends in the home renovation industry. 10 Ideas for Garage Doors is my favorite guide, which helps you in planning and replacing garage door. They offer styling and color tips based on your home design and may help you find the garage door you've been looking for. You can follow HGTV Remodels on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestDIY or Not The people behind DIY or Not have great experience on renovation as they are authors of 20 home improvement books. The website was launched in 1999 and has built up a lot of great resources over time for you to check out. You can follow DIY or Not on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestHome Building If you are one of those extreme DIY people and are planning to build your own house, you should check out this UK Home Building & Renovating blog. It offers a huge archive of home renovation and home decoration knowledge from all articles published in their magazine through over two decades. You can follow Home Building on Facebook | TwitterDIY Diva DIY diva is a unique website that has a variety of different do-it-yourself tutorials available for everyone from beginners to seasoned builders. A lot of people find it difficult to understand all the fundamentals of building and addition on their home. This website will not only give you the answers to your renovation questions, but it will also walk you through the building process one step at a time. You can follow DIY Diva on TwitterRemodelista Remodelista was created by a group of friends who share similar design sensibilities. They love interior design from classic to trendy style. If you need a friendly advice about designing your interior, check out the wise words from this style-savvy website. You can follow Remodelista on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestDo It Yourself Interior Improvement DIY Interior Improvements has many guides and tips for every room in your house, including basements and attics. This website offers tips on soundproofing walls to opening up a living space in your attic. The DIY guide I liked is "How to Install Paneling". Although it may not have pictures, this guide is very indepth and offers tips on any type of paneling installation, from masonry walls to framed walls. It's an easy guide to follow and very well organized. You can follow Do It Yourself on Facebook | TwitterCentsational Girl A collection of the best do-it-yourself projects from a variety of passionate do-it-yourself enthusiasts is what you will find at Centsational Girl. I really this post that offers a creative approach to wall coverings. It simply blew my mind. This is not your ordinary wall covering as it needs to be glued on with adhesive caulking. You can follow Centsational Girl on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestThe Family Handyman The Family Handyman is a sweet website that offers a variety of different do-it-yourself projects for home renovation. I truly love this fun laundry shoot idea as it would make peoples live much easier. You can follow The Family Handyman on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestHandyman Club The website is truly named well as the website is a handy one to have bookmarked. Handyman Club offers numerous do-it-yourself projects at the click of a button. My favorite idea on the site is the radiator cover. Many people live in older houses today. Those old school radiators are dangerous as they can scald you if you touch them. This cover is excellent for anyone at risk of falling into it like I am. You can follow Handyman Club on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestDIY Network The DIY network is a cool place to get new ideas for renovating and decorating your home. I love the mix of styles in this kitchen project which is easily recreated with your own tastes. This look may require some new cupboard doors and some elbow grease, but it is truly worth the effort when you see the finished product. You can follow DIY Network on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestThis Old House The unique style of do-it-yourself tips and tutorials on This Old House makes it a must see for any serious do-it-yourself enthusiasts. While browsing the variety of step-by-step tutorials on this impressive website, I couldn’t help but notice the tutorial on how to install a freezeproof faucet. Personally, I didn’t even realize that this was possible. You can follow This Old House on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestBobvila Bob Vila is a reputable host of many home renovation variety shows. He also has a strong background on residential remodelling and design so you can be sure to find lots of expert tips on his site. I love the video in this article about finding wall studs. This would really come in handy for anyone regardless of where they live. This site is an excellent source for practical renovation big or small. You can follow Bobvila on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestToday’s Homeowner Danny Lipford is a leading home expert. His show Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford was nominated with an Emmy. His incredibly fun website walks you through the basics of some home renovation techniques that may seem complicated otherwise. I love the vast information on the backsplashes available today. The instructional videos on Today’s Homeowner makes it truly a one-of-a-kind experience for the regular do-it-yourselfer.   Home Tips This is a really cool site that allows the public to ask questions about their own do-it-yourself project. People in charge of the project will actually write you back to answer your question as long as they have an answer for you. There is also a variety of rare do-it-yourself projects that are sure to spark the interest of any avid renovator. This soundproofing tutorial is really cool and excellent for making sure nothing disturbs your night’s sleep. You can follow Home Tips on TwitterHammer Zone A cool place for tips and tutorials that will help you fix any issues you may have with your home over the years is Hammer Zone. There are going to be times when you suddenly realize that your handiwork is nolonger as straight as it use to be. It is important to remember that it can be fixed. The benefit of fixing this issue is that the exterior will look as gorgeous as it did when you originally created the piece. You can follow Hammer Zone on FacebookPretty Handy Girl Brittany Bailey is an avid do-it-yourself enthusiast who wishes to empower others to attempt their own projects. With her well known blog, Pretty Handy Girl, Britney hopes to help others complete their own projects with amazing step-by-step tutorials. I truly love the way she took an ordinary closet in this particular article and turned it into the perfect little hideaway for anyone who wants to simply curl up with a good book. You can follow Pretty Handy Girl on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestHouse Tweaking The House Tweaking website is interesting as they have a whole new approach to everyday issues. I love the way they took a room that didn’t appear to be anything special and turned it into something that was a million times better. You can follow House Tweaking on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestView Along The Way Kelly has taken the time to create this blog View Along The Way in attempt to show people how you can create something that looks amazing on a small budget. There are many different project types to choose from here. I particularly love the way she turns an ordinary banister into a work-of-art is something every homeowner should see before beginning their renovations. You can follow View Along The Way on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestDoor Sixteen Turning an ugly old kitchen into a masterpiece is a lot of work that most people would prefer not to do. Door Sixteen shows how amazing things can turn out if people simply put in the time and effort. I think the renovations they have done in the kitchen are simply amazing! It honestly looks like a completely different kitchen. You can follow Door Sixteen on Facebook | TwitterA Goode House A Goode House is a really easy-to-use website that specializes in home renovations. When you purchase a home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will be exactly the way you want it to be. This website shows us the nitty gritty of room expansion without sugar coating it. You can follow A Goode House on Bloglovin’Old Town Home Old Town Home offers a unique approach to helping you get your home looking its best. We all know our home reflects on our personalities on some level, so why not ensure it is always looking top notch. You can follow Old Town Home on Facebook | Twitter | PinterestIt’s Great To Be Home Kate has a true passion for renovating houses which shows through her blog, It’s Great To Be Home. Kate’s blog has a lot to offer as it covers a variety of topics from decorating your home to renovation tips and tricks. I love the way Kate and Jason show us how to freshen up a fireplace as those can be difficult to clean. You can follow It’s Great to Be Home on Facebook | PinterestRemodelaholic Remodelaholic was definitely created for the renovating addicts. There are many different projects that are on the site, but one that stood out to me the most is the flooring. They added new wood floor to their livingroom proving to anyone and everyone that a single room can look completely different if you change the design of the room. You can follow Remodelaholic on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

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