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Pinterest Picks of the Day - Perfect Playrooms

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September 4, 2014

A dedicated playroom is the perfect way to keep your house neat and tidy while allowing your child a space of their own to exercise their imagination and independence. These spaces don't need to be large, separate rooms and they don't need to be an eyesore either. In fact, with the right styling and storage accommodations, they can stay tidy, add vibrancy to your home and only take up a small corner or niche. In this edition of Pinterest Picks of the Day - Perfect Playrooms, we’ve selected some of the best ideas for decorating and organizing perfect playrooms. By hanging up a set of cute curtains at the entrance of your child’s playroom, you get a win-win situation. You can cover up the sight of any lingering mess quickly and easily without having to shut a door, and thus be unable to hear what your child is up to. Your child gets to enjoy a sense of privacy, as well as the feeling that they’ve got a fortress of their own! We love how the designers of this play area consolidated storage and seating by using box cubbies as chairs for the low coloring table. Each cubby can hold crayons, coloring books, and toys, and be neatly tucked away at the table. The colorful paints covering each cubby add extra fun to the space. When your little one is in their playroom, they should feel free to express themselves and get creative. That’s why it’s important to style it in a way that stimulates their imagination and compliments their personality. The playroom above features an artsy tree mural against bold pink walls, and pom poms hang to match the colorful patterned rug. Want to give your child's playroom a makeover, finish your attic or basement space or are you interested in building a new play space for your children? Contact us @ 613-225-9991 or website, here to get a free quote! To see more stylish pins, follow us on Pinterest.

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