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Planning & Budgeting a Renovation in Ottawa

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March 1, 2013

Creating plan and budget for a renovation in Ottawa can be difficult. Where do I begin making a budget? How to start planning for a home renovation? What's a good budget for a renovation? There are questions we often hear as home owners looking to renovate just don't know where to begin with what they want. We say this time and time again to anyone looking for a free contractor estimation, setting your maximum budget & how much you want to spend then getting in contact with an Ottawa contractor is one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary stress. An Ottawa renovation can be made simple with a design and build contractor. Set up an appointment with Ottawa General Contractors LTD to speak with estimators and designers to figure out what's best for what you want and how it fits into your budget.

Renovating on a Budget - How much is too much?

A popular followup to any home owner inquiring about a renovation budget is the pricing. How much is too much on a home renovation? This usually goes back to how much you're willing to spend and what you want because it can never truly be enough to satisfy anyone. Looking for a quality kitchen to last years in a growing family is one way to measure cost or if you want a basement suite then how much should you really spend? We're going to ignore the costs per square foot of an item in each renovation as that would be too much information to weed through, so we'll just focus on the essentials in a renovation. Knowing the average cost and what's involved with getting an average renovation at the average price is a good way to measure out extras.

Renovation Budget - Return on your investment?

All renovations produce a return on investment (ROI) but some have less than others. Bathrooms for instance can sometimes produce some of the lowest return on investments for a home but they increase the quality of living significantly in some cases. Ottawa kitchen renovations and Ottawa basement renovations produce some of the highest ROI because of their size, location and use. The kitchen especially because it's the focal point for just about any home and the basement especially because of its size. Ottawa renovations ROI can also be influenced by several other factors outside of a renovation and it usually has to do with location. Home owners sometimes incorporate a minimal ROI as part of their budget should they be selling the home soon. The return on investment isn't just based on where you renovate and what you put in but also how it works in relation to the rest of the house as well as it's overall value increase for the property and the neighborhood. That is why ROI can sometimes be tricky when trying to incorporate it with an end budget.

Renovation Budget

The best option you have is to call your local contractor and get a free estimate - Ottawa General Contractors LTD have the experience and the knowledge to ensure that your home renovation is done on time and often, under budget. Although renovation contractors in Ottawa are seen as intimidating, OGC goes above and beyond to ensure that a budget is met or short. We've developed a system that allows us to efficiently juggle more jobs successfully while staying on budget and taking care of each individual client. this is what makes Ottawa General Contractors LTD on of the best renovation contractors in Canada as branded by Canadian General Contractors.

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