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Renovating Older Homes

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February 2, 2013

It is common when renovating older homes to come across many things that need repair or modernization. For example, updating old wiring may require you to replace other things tied into the wiring. One thing to consider during a home renovation of this kind, is to have everything inspected before making any commitments. Modernizing an old home, updating an old home or even renovating an older home is a big investment but can pay off with property value. The return on investment is dependent on how much you're willing to invest - consider financing a home renovation Ottawa.

Dust Off With a Modern Look - Modernize your home

Many people like older homes. The period when they were built reflects the times in which they stood. Today, whatever their condition, home renovations can be done to modernize the look and feel of an older home. Older architecture can stand out with certain appeals like; solid structure, unique design, character and craftsmanship. Renovating an older house in Ottawa can present a number of challenges, bringing the outdated ones up to code can be a whole other task at hand. The floor plan of an old home can also play a big role in the design and potential.Efficiency standards is the new trend in an increasingly energy conscious world. Outdated windows, furnaces, electrical, systems and insulation can be solid variables in whether or not the home is running efficiently. Let’s not forget structural integrity! The foundation is what the home is sitting on and has been for years. A structural engineer is required to check out if everything is standing right on it’s own. Chances are, this should be the first thing to consider checking out before getting into the modernization of the interior structure. Hiring an energy consultant to assess possible air leaks could also be beneficial to test how well the structure holds it’s own climate. Ottawa General Contractors LTD are a full-service home renovation company, learn more about our construction services.Foundations - The structure in it’s entirety, is sitting on the foundation and chances are, cracks have began to form with age and as a result, walls may appear to be bowed. A sinking beam is also likely and can be expensive, more so if you have to jack up the house to make repairs.Structure - Sagging and bowed walls can be the result of a home being supported for years. Hire a structural engineer to assess the structure.Electrical - It is very important to have the home inspected for faulty wiring or outdated and overloaded circuits. Old wiring can be a fire hazard. Have an estimate done first which will have the inspector incorporate the fact that today, we are using more electrical devices. It is wise to see if there are enough outlets for tv's, computers, etc. The electrical box will have to be changed as well, to a higher capacity and have a ground-fault-interrupter.Insulation - We all are aware of the dangers of old insulation. The word we all fear; asbestos. The tiny particles within can be hazardous to our health, it is required to be completely pulled out by licensed professionals.Windows - Outdated windows can be a problem to the energy efficiency standards of today. Old windows with dried out and peeling cocking will do a poor job at keeping in the heat. Modern windows have a tight seal on things, the double pane as opposed to a single pane

More Elements to Consider

Broken flooring, tiles, etc. These are just basically cosmetics and can be fairly easily changed. The thing you don’t want to overlook is sources of lead in piping systems. Some use filtration systems when extracting water for drinking. Changing galvanized pipes can also be beneficial. Depending on the age, the pipes could have started to rust from the inside out placing impurities in the water. Have an update project ahead of you? Renovating an older house? Refinishing an old home? Rebuilding an old home in Ottawa? Renovating older homes is a task worth planning ahead with team professionals. Looking into the future while staring at the past is never-the-less an important insight and home renovation project, updating the past for the future.

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