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Save Money & Energy with Fall Renovations!

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The best time to schedule a home renovation depends on your project, of course, but there are some great reasons to plan for a renovation in autumn. Whether autumn means back to school or back to work, our attention starts to focus on the spaces where we’ll be spending the long winter season. Why not take this opportunity to refresh your home by adding a cozy nook or a new fireplace? With the holiday season in mind, kitchen renovations are one of the most popular fall projects. Adding another bathroom, though, can add value to your home and help out with keeping holiday gatherings running smoothly! Some projects, such as painting, actually work best in fall because of the decreased humidity. Too much humidity in the air can cause paint to look splotchy. Painting in fall can prevent this problem, with the added benefit that it’s not yet too cold to have the windows open for ventilation. Another helpful idea to think about in fall is energy efficiency. Replacing old windows is a simple way to refresh the look of a home while cutting costly energy bills. Adding insulation to an attic can provide an additional work or play space and keep the heat where it belongs—inside the house! This is the type of renovation that will pay for itself over time. We’re here to help you make the most of this autumn, so make a list of your dream renovations and speak with one of our excellent project managers at OGC. We can help you determine which on your list is the best project to undertake this fall!

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