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Something We’re Excited About: The Senators

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Published on
November 16, 2013

Hockey season is finally here, and it’s got us all worked up. Not just because we’re Sens fans, but because we’re the main ticket sponsor of the Ottawa Senators. Don’t believe us? Next time you go to a game, check the back of your ticket and you’ll see the logo of Ottawa General Contractors LTD. Needless to say, we really hope this is the year we win the Cup. And it’s a great time to be a Senators fan; according to ESPN’s 2013 Ultimate Standings, which measures the value and impact of pro sports teams, the Ottawa Senators placed 9th overall (out of 122 professional sports franchises) and 1st in Canada. This means that, compared to any other Canadian pro team, Sens fans get the best overall sports experience, from the affordability of the tickets to the fun we have at the arena. Check out the Senator's official press release for more details. At Ottawa General Contractors LTD, community is important to us. And as the many community outreach programs in the Ottawa-Gatineau region testify, community is important to the Sens as well. We’re happy to be allied with the Senators, and we’re looking forward to a winning season! Let’s go Sens!

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