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Bathroom Remodels that Save Space

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October 31, 2017

We all know that a bathrooms main job is to be functional. You need a toilet, you need a shower or bath, and you need a sink – it’s a fact of life. That being said, just because it is your bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t a) enjoy some relaxation / luxury in the room and 2) increase your home’s market value with a space saving bathroom remodel.

The perfect bathroom not only contains the functional items, but also the amenities too. This includes storage, decorative items, versatile lighting and more. A space saving bathroom remodel in Ontario allows you to have not only these items (as well as a few upgrades) but room to maneuver.

Recessed storage completes this unique wooden bathroom.

How Do You Save Space In a Bathroom?

Since there are certain items that are mandatory, the key to saving space is how you implement those items. Take a look at some examples:

  • Pocket doors. Think of how much space is eaten up in a bathroom just by having enough clearance room for the door to open and close? Pocket, or sliding, doors provide the same privacy and security, but do so while saving you an incredible amount of space.
  • Corner sink. Having the sink and vanity right in the middle of the room disrupts the traffic flow of the room and makes it look cramped. Why not move that sink to the corner? Same function, but out of the way.
  • Floating vanity. There’s no feasible reason to run your vanity all the way to the floor unless it is covering up pipe access. A floating vanity gives you extra room – even if it’s just for something seemingly mundane like life saving extra toilet paper storage.
  • Pocket shelving. Instead of bring your shelving out into the room, recess them back into the wall studs. This creates a more streamlined look and gives better contour to your space.
  • Use a long mirror. A full length mirror might be the most unflattering thing you think you could install in your bathroom. The truth is it not only reflects light making the room appear larger, it allows two people to use it at the same time.
  • Above the door shelf. One of the most often overlooked spaces for storage is directly above the door. This is a great spot to store towels – or that life-saving extra toilet paper.

Does Bathroom Design and Layout Matter?

Of course how you situate your bathroom items (tub, toilet, vanity) is going to have a big impact on how much space is going to be available. Much of the rearranging in your room is going to depend on where your plumbing is routed but we can do some pretty amazing things, even if it’s just creating a privacy wall so you don’t have to move your toilet.

The space and flow of your bathroom can go a long way towards improving not only your home’s market value, but also your mental health. Please contact us for a design consultation and for more information about how we can turn your room into the bathroom of your dreams – regardless of the size (of the room, not your dreams).

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