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Spring Style Tips from the OGC Design Team

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Now that we’re heading into May, spring is in full swing! But what about your home’s design? Our interior design team has some professional advice for bringing the spirit of spring into your beloved abode.

“Let the sunshine and promise of blooming flowers inspire your home inside and out! Spring is all about color and patterns, energy and entertainment. In the living room, change out those dark heavy drapes for a lighter material with a fun hue or motif, add artwork to your walls, try fun carpet squares from and de-clutter – spring cleaning doesn’t just make us feel better but allows us to enjoy those precious hot days of summer guilt free.”

Use Flor carpet tiles to cover the entire floor in a room, or use just a few to create a gorgeous statement rug. Springtime changes to your home don’t have to come with a big commitment. With Flor tiles, you can just place them over your normal flooring, rearrange them whenever you like, and pick them up when it’s time for something different.

If you look closely at the living rooms above, you’ll notice that the base colors and materials are all very neutral. It’s the accents that determine the theme of the decor, and reflect the spring season. The addition few bright pillows, soft-hued artworks, and fresh bouquets turned what were once humdrum spaces into lovely spring-inspired rooms.

Just a bit of paint can do wonders for invigorating your interior with the cheer of the season. The color palette above shows off Pantone’s perfect palette for spring 2014. Paint a few key furniture pieces in one of these vivid colors, or go for something more bold by taking it to your walls.

“After you’ve fluffed your fresh, bright new pillows and put away the wintery throws, don’t forget about your exterior! Spring décor looks great against a beautiful backdrop. You may be thinking about a new garage for your Harley or sports car, maybe an addition to add square footage to your home because after all – you love your location and you don’t want to buy a new home – don’t wait!

We’re in a great single family housing market where renovations are appreciated by buyers, renovate now, enjoy them, and then appreciate your payoff when you become the seller!”

Spring is the perfect time to make fresh new changes to your home. Whether you’re looking for an interior redesign, a renovation, or both, we can help you get it done before the summer heat hits! Visit Ottawa General Contractors LTD’s profile on Pinterest.

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