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Stylish Kitchen Meets Small Budget

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October 29, 2013

Remodeling your kitchen can mean emptying out your bank account – and maxing your credit card besides. So what can you do if your kitchen looks like it dates from when the Maple Leafs last won the Cup? (That was 1967, in case anyone is counting.)

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Remodels

The best way to redo your kitchen without blowing a hole in your finances is to think refresh instead of remodel. Shelve the demo work, and start small. In this case, it really is all about looks.

  • Get a Facelift – or your cabinets and drawers, anyway. Instead of splurging on brand new cabinets and their installation, can you refinish or paint your existing furnishings?
  • Upgrade Your Hardware. Nothing screams ‘I’m old!’ quite like big, filigree-ridden pulls, handles, and knobs. Sleek hardware adds instant modernity with a minimal effect on your budget, especially when paired with a coat one of this season’s neutrals on the wall.
  • Redo Your Backsplash. In times past, wallpaper was the go-to covering for the backsplash, that ribbon of wall between the counter and the cabinetry. Now, tiled backsplashes are the trend – and they can be quite inexpensive to boot.
  • Let There Be (New) Lights. Light fixtures aren’t just utilitarian any more. Punch up the look and the lux with bold new industrial-style lighting, or opt for something a bit more subtle. Either one will have a major impact on your kitchen’s look.
  • If All Else Fails, Substitute. If your heavy-traffic areas like countertops and floors are really showing wear, it’s definitely time to replace them. But you don’t have to splurge on marble and granite, or even hardwoods and butcher block. Some really beautiful high-quality laminates are available for both floor and counter, for a fraction of the price you’d pay for the real thing.

Can a kitchen remodel be budget friendly? Absolutely. Kitchen style can coexist with frugal design choices – and no one but your accountant will be the wiser.

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