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Summer Sunroom Inspiration

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August 7, 2014

Now that the sun is breaking free of the leftover winter clouds, you’ve now got the chance to make the most of the light filled days. Even when you’re indoors, you can enjoy the sun’s glow by making your home’s sunroom a main living space. Filled with windows that let in light and a view of the outdoors, sunrooms are fresh, airy, and wonderfully inviting. While they have a lot of natural appeal, there are a few things you can do to make them even more comfortable and welcoming. We’ve collected three beautiful examples that show you how a stylish sunroom is made.

Elle Decor

A sunroom can be the perfect place to compose an intimate setting. In the photo shown above, a small nook with a built-in bench is nestled beneath a wall of windows. A round table and two small chairs frame the space, which is flooded with gentle morning light. Two large fern fronds sprouting from a vase at the center brings a bit of the lush greenery of the yard indoors. The result is a picturesque spot for sipping tea with friends.

Layla Grace

Many sunrooms feature chic French doors, just like the one shown above. Such doors add a feeling of class while making it easy to let in a cool breeze and provide smooth transition to a yard or garden. This sunroom plays off the sophistication of the doors by using a tufted couch and ornate rug as the foundation pieces of decor.

Better Homes and Gardens

Sunrooms have a natural warmth and coziness, which makes them great for relaxing and welcoming guests. The one shown here is designed to be comfortable for everyday living, with well cushioned seating, plush pillows, and fresh fruit served as a symbol of hospitality. The overall look is kept crisp by using white on the trim and couch, and patterned textiles with blue.   If you’re looking for an expert eye to help you spruce up your sunroom, or you want to add one of these gorgeous rooms to your home, contact us today! By Jasmine Morvay Aside from my education at Algonquin Colleges Interior Decorating Program and the Kitchen and Bath Program my inspiration comes from my worldly travels, browsing the internet and reading articles from other professionals in the industry. I love using my creative mind to draw up designs that I know my clients will love and not know how they lived without.

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