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The Psychology of Colors at Home

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January 14, 2013

Choosing the colors combinations for your house can be a difficult decision. Home owners ask themselves, what color for a bathroom? What color in the kitchen? What color in the hallway? Best colors for a home? Like all details of renovations, it's complicated. Not only choosing the colors to paint the walls but also making those colors match with the furniture, carpet, curtains and paintings can be tough. And now, psychology plays an important role. Ottawa General Contractors LTD have professional home designers with many years of experience to help you make the best color combination choice and create your ideal colorful home. Get a home designed by professionals to fit your life today with OGC.

Home Design, Psychologically Speaking...

Each color is associated with certain psychological properties and has a direct impact on mood.  Before selecting your materials, colors and décor, it is very important to picture the color combinations that match and imagine how it would look like at the end - or find a design and build contractor capable of producing your vision as a 3D design.The reason why colors are vital is that they set the overall atmosphere of the area which creates the general mood affecting your emotion as soon as you enter the house. You know when you enter someone's house for the first time you always get this first impression, either you like the place because it is spacious or cozy, or you do not like it for some undefined reason. Colors play a big role in setting that first impression as well as affecting the daily ongoing mood.Each color is perceived in a certain way and each color combination can create a different mood. Once you learn about the effects of each color and the mood it sets, you can start renovating your home accordingly. It is a fun process and especially near the end when you start seeing the results. Finishing a basement with a design to reflect each rooms personality can really help set a desired atmosphere - Choose a color and theme, then set your basement or home up for productivity, or keep it traditional and simple.

Psychological Properties of Colors

Red: Is associated with physical courage, strength, warmth, energy, stimulation, excitement. Recommended for: Kids fun / games room, home bar or gym / dance room, living room and last but not least the master bed room.Blue: Intellectual, intelligence, trust, efficiency, serenity, coolness, calm.Yellow: Optimism, confidence, self esteem, creativityGreen: Balance, harmony, rest, peace, environmental awareness.Violet:  peace of mind, spiritual, problem solving, creativity, royalty.Pink: Love, romance, warm, feminine, comfort, sweetness, innocence and it has a calming effect.

Home Design & Renovation Examples

Home Gym: Some perfect colors for a home gym would include red as it reflects on being energetic and strong, creates excitement and stimulation. As well as yellow which reflects on confidence and self esteem. Orange or red are energy color, and are another great choice for home gyms.Kids Fun Room:  Scientific studies have proven that exposure to certain colors can improve sleep habits, increase memory power and even enhance academic performance - excellent benefits for growing minds and bodies. Some studies suggest that the yellow color increases the creativity level and kids confidence. It is good for the kids to be active and creative during the day time so they have better consistent sleeping habits at night. Blue is associated with intelligence and trust which is also a great surrounding for a growing kid.The Master Bedroom: Many ladies love the red color for the master bedroom as it is a warm color and creates a romantic mood in the room. With a black and white bedroom, those colors are very boring even though the bed itself is nice but colors are essential to create excitement. Now compare it with the other room with the red bed with pink pillows and a red lamp on the right, isn't that way better for your home  design.  Notice that the color of the wall is still white yet the colorful furniture gave the room this delightful touch.

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